Common Types of Injuries in Oak Lawn Dog Bite Cases

Dog bite cases in Oak Lawn can result in a range of common injuries, from minor bruising to psychological trauma to reconstructive surgery. Often, the medical bills and treatments are not a good indication of the severity of the bite, and in all cases, the ultimate healing of the injury impacts the value of the case. An experienced dog attack lawyer might be in the best position to analyze the potential value of a case based on the severity of the injury.

What Types of Dog Attack Injuries Can Justify a Claim?

The law does not require that an actual bite occur in order to file a claim. For example, if someone is injured while escaping a charging dog or when an animal jumps on them, that can be grounds for a claim. However, most dog bite cases are the result of an actual bite. The jaws clamping down on a body part is enough to cause an injury, even if it doesn’t break the skin.

The potential value of any dog bite case depends on the severity of the injuries. A dog that nips someone but does not break the skin could still result in a claim, but it will be relatively small. A bite that requires reconstructive surgery will often result in a much larger case.

What Are Some Common Dog Bite Injuries?

The most common dog bite injuries in Oak Lawn are puncture wounds, when the dog bites and releases the individual.  If it keeps its jaws locked, and the person tries to pull away, the skin could tear. Injuries can also range from bruising to muscle tears.

Seeking Treatment

After an animal attack, it is important to seek immediate medical treatment, even if the injury does not appear to be serious. If the bite breaks the skin, it is essential to obtain a prescription for antibiotics because the mouth and teeth of a dog contain harmful bacteria. For more serious bites, a doctor will put in stitches or otherwise try to repair the wound. In the most severe cases, a dog bite may require immediate plastic or reconstructive surgery.

Psychological Injuries

For some people, a dog bite could produce psychological injuries. A relatively mild one may result in minor physical injuries but serious psychological harm. Likewise, a bite may result in serious physical injuries but not require a psychological claim. A bite could leave scarring, which serves as a constant reminder of the incident throughout the person’s life.

Psychological injury can be long-lasting as well. It may require the person to obtain counseling or other treatment. A dog bite lawyer could be in the best position to advise an individual as to the physical and psychological injuries.

Discuss your Dog Attack Injuries with an Oak Lawn Attorney

No matter the severity, manner, or injuries of a dog bite incident, an Oak Lawn attorney has the experience to piece together the facts of the case and provide the best defense for victims. Not all injuries are obvious to see. It is important to know what constitutes a valid dog bite claim and what could be done to heal the victim physically and psychologically. Call now for more.