Alyssa has been working at McCready, Garcia, and Leet since the Spring of 2016. Her sarcastic wit keeps us all on our toes and, as the youngest in the office, she consistently offers a fresh perspective on solving everyday problems. As Mr. McCready says, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

A native of the Chicago suburbs, she now lives with her husband just over the border in Indiana. The two fell in love while she was working at her first retail job and after three years of dating, were married on July 7, 2014.

Alyssa brings a strong background in retail to the firm. She worked in sales and marketing for nearly four years, calling on companies all over Chicago. She enjoyed the job because of its flexible hours and tendency to introduce her to interesting people. But, after she got married, she wanted a little bit more consistency in her schedule and felt like working with McCready, Garcia, & Leet was the perfect fit. Interestingly enough, she started with us an office temp and was only supposed to stay a month. We are so glad her plans changed!

Currently finishing her degree in public health, Alyssa is beginning to favor the legal life more and more. While she never thought that working at a personal injury law firm

would be something she would enjoy, she says that seeing clients rewarded with the settlements they deserve is very satisfying. “People are getting hurt,” she said. “And I just love being a part of the process that helps them.”

Alyssa loves being with her family and having great cookouts at her grandmother’s during the summer. She is a godmother to two lovely kids, one is four and the other two. She has lots of extended family in Puerto Rico and usually visits them at least two or three times each year. While she’s there, she loves participating in water sports like para-sailing and banana boating. She truly likes to live life on the edge.

Unfortunately, Chicago’s long winters keep her out of the water while she’s way up north, but even that isn’t enough to stop her adventurous spirit. She also loves skiing (like, really loves it) and visits Lake Geneva to hit the slopes whenever she can. When she has to stay inside, she likes to par  ticipate in archery classes. She’s been doing it since high school and particularly enjoys the sport because its solitary nature helps her focus and re-center herself.

It’s not a surprise to anyone who knows her that Alyssa has a large group of friends. She goes out with them at least once a week in search of Chicago’s best places to grab a bite – from sushi to Mexican to pizza and everything in between, they’ve tried it all. Her favorite food, however, is definitely anything cooked on a hibachi grill.

On top of visiting her family in Puerto Rico quite frequently, Alyssa has traveled to Australia, Mexico and Italy – three times! When she can’t make it out of the country, she enjoys taking quick weekend getaways so she can reset before she gets back to work.

Alyssa is an enthusiastic presence here at the firm. She is friendly, professional, and never without her Starbucks Venti Chai Tea Latte with soymilk. If you’re nice to her, she just might bring you one, too.