Meet our litigation paralegal, Athena! She’s originally from Iowa, but also lived in Mississippi before moving to the Indianapolis area. Athena earned her BA in Philosophy and Political Science from the University of Northern Iowa in 2020, but she’s been working as a paralegal for much longer, gaining experience at a law firm during college and in Mississippi.

Athena previously worked as a pre-lit paralegal, but her role as a litigation paralegal is more of an “attorney’s assistant” once things go to court. She serves as the liaison between the lawyer and the client, preparing paperwork and helping throughout the litigation process.

During the discovery phase, Athena does things like answering questions from opposing counsel, plus drafting, and sending necessary documents over. Gathering all the correct information is a long and detail-oriented process,

but Athena takes it all in stride. She loves getting to know clients and painting the full picture of what happened to them in their own words. She understands that going to trial is a difficult time and treats each client with the compassion and respect she would want, too.

In her personal life, she is an outdoorsy girl who loves to camp with her dog named Adonis (Donnie) and take hikes on nature trails. She also enjoys gardening and houseplants — Athena has over 50 different types of plants at home! She once even successfully sprouted an avocado plant, but her cat Artemis got to the budding plant before it reached its prime. While hiking or gardening, Athena also loves listening to podcasts and documentaries about true crime, particularly “Generation Why?” and “Crime Junkie.” So if you need any recommendations, let her know.