Process of an Oak Lawn Slip and Fall Accident Case

The process of a slip and fall injury case may vary depending on the circumstances of the slip and fall. However, if a person were to have all their documentation requested by the court, as well as the assistance of an attorney, this process could be conducted quickly and effectively. A qualified slip and fall attorney could ensure that someone receives appropriate guidance during the process of an Oak Lawn slip and fall accident case.

Documents to Present at an Initial Consultation

Most slip and fall lawyers can provide a free initial consultation and charge a fee only if they make a recovery on a person’s behalf. At an initial consultation, a lawyer may ask questions to help establish liability or fault of the place where the person fell and will discuss the person’s injuries, so they should bring any paperwork they have about the case.

It may include medical records, bills, or correspondence from an insurance company. If a person does not have documentation, that may make the process of an Oak Lawn slip and fall accident case slightly more difficult. However, a law firm can handle that within the scope of its representation. An attorney could also ask for any photos the person may have to preserve them in case they lose their cell phones or other data.

How is a Slip and Fall Case Impacted if More Injuries Become Apparent Later On?

A person may not feel seriously injured after a slip and fall accident. Sometimes it takes time for injuries to develop, or they may take longer than expected to heal. To keep from losing recompense for later developments, a slip and fall lawyer relies on medical treatment information. That is why it is important to follow up with treatment even if they feel the injuries are minor.

If a person waits to see a doctor, or if there is a gap between doctor visits, it may be hard to prove their injuries were related to the slip and fall. It is also important to know the full extent of any injuries before settling a case. Once it has been settled, the case is over, and if a person continues to experience symptoms after that, it is too late to get them covered.

Reasons a Judge May Reject a Case

If a jury decides against a person who sued over a slip and fall, it is unlikely they will win their case on appeal. Just because they disagree with the jury’s verdict does not entitle them to a reversal. The person must convince the judge that a legal error resulted in a verdict against them or during the process of an Oak Lawn slip and fall accident case.

A judge may reject a slip and fall case because a person fell on someone’s property but failed to prove the owner did something or failed to do something, either of which caused the person to fall. A person can begin the process of a slip and fall accident case, but a judge may determine whether there is enough of a fault on the part of the defendant to allow a jury to determine whether the property owner was negligent. If a person files a slip and fall case with little or no evidence of fault, a judge will dismiss the case before a jury can even make a determination of fault.

When Should a Person Contact an Oak Lawn Slip and Attorney?

It is important to contact a slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible after a person has a fall, because there may be important evidence that a lawyer will be able to investigate and document. Often, when someone slips, especially on ice, a landowner may repair the cause of the slip, altering the evidence.

Also, many insurance company adjusters will want to take a recorded statement, but it is never advisable for a potential plaintiff to give a recorded statement without the advice of an experienced slip and fall lawyer. Unlike rear-end car accidents where fault is easy to prove, slip and fall cases are more difficult to prove fault, and an experienced slip and fall lawyer is best-equipped to help during the process of an Oak Lawn slip and fall accident case.