Common Causes of Oak Lawn Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and falls can occur anywhere. Some of these accidents could be dependent on the weather. Grocery stores in particularly could attract wet floors due to customers walking in with wet shoes or some sort of spill. However, property owners are burdened with the responsibility to provide a safe environment for their customers. If they fail to do so, they may be held liable for any injuries sustained due to their negligence. Consult with an experienced slip and fall attorney to learn more about the common causes of Oak Lawn slip and fall accidents.

Who Has the Duty of Care in a Slip and Fall Accident?

All owners of property have a duty to keep their premises safe for people who are on the property lawfully. In addition, all people or companies who occupy property have a duty to keep the property safe. The distinction between a property owner and someone who occupies the property is important in legal cases.

For example, if stairs are different heights and someone falls, the owner of the property can be held responsible. However, if someone slips on ice cream at a store, the owner of the property would not be responsible, the business that occupies the premises would. All owners and occupiers have a duty of taking reasonable care and not being negligent.

Common Injuries Oak Lawn Slip and Fall Accidents

The most common injury that results is a person’s back because it absorbs the most energy. Even if a person does not fall to the ground after slipping, the back can twist them in an unexpected way. Another common injury is to the knee, because the leg that slips, causing a fall, often can suddenly go in one direction as the rest of the body goes in another direction. Finally, bruising is a common injury in slip and fall cases in which a person falls on the ground. For more information about these injuries or the common causes of Oak Lawn slip and fall accidents, individuals should contact a lawyer.

Requirements to Ensure that Areas are Safe

Atlanta and all other municipalities have building codes in effect that set forth certain minimum requirements. In addition to municipal violations, failure to comply with a building code is considered negligence, and if a violation results in someone being hurt, the owner of the property is liable to the injured person. In addition to building codes, Georgia has laws regulating property for public safety. Failure to comply with any law, resulting in an injury, will lead to a case against the property owner.

Statute of Limitations for Slip and Fall Accidents

For most Oak Lawn slip and fall cases, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit is two years from the date of the fall. Failure to do so may bar any recovery for the injured person. If the property is owned by a municipality, the statute of limitations is shorter, so it is important to speak to an experienced slip and fall lawyer to ensure they comply with all statutes of limitations and do not lose the case by failing to do so.

Importance of Contacting an Oak Lawn Slip and Fall Attorney

A person who suffers injuries from a slip and fall should get in contact with an attorney immediately. An attorney can investigate the damages sustained and what types of compensation are available to you. Secondly, it is highly important not to talk to an insurance company without having first consulted a personal injury attorney. Insurance adjusters are trained to ask questions in such a way that the answers may hurt the person’s injury claim. The adjuster’s job is to save the insurance company money, not to pay the claim.

Third, seek medical attention even if the injuries seem to be minor. With no medical treatment, there is no slip and fall case to pursue. If a person waits to see a doctor or fails to follow-up, they will not be able to get full recovery regardless of the extent of injuries. Reach out to an attorney for help with filing a claim, or for more insight about the common causes of Oak Lawn slip and fall accidents.