Mireya Serna

Mireya is our fearless Office Coordinator. She’s been with us since the summer of 2016 and acts as a liaison between the clients and the firm. She looks over case files when they come in and also follows up with our clients about their treatment status.

Mireya has a strong background in business management and has worked in various administrative and accounting roles, but this is her first time working in personal injury. We think she’s made for it!

As one of our top points of contact, Mireya’s friendly demeanor and upbeat personality make clients feel right at home. She puts them at ease through what can often be a stressful ordeal. She’s said that one of her favorite parts of her job is really getting to know the people we serve, as she’s with them from their injury to the cutting of their check. To Mireya, there’s nothing better than being a part of our clients’ success stories.


When she’s not working, she likes spending time with her family. She’s the youngest of eight siblings, and five of her sisters have children already, so there’s plenty of nieces and nephews to go around. Her perfect Saturday would be spent talking, laughing, and eating with all of them, along with her amazing boyfriend, of course.

A true Chicago native, Mireya grew up in the south suburbs and went to school in the city. Because of this, she knows ALL the best places to eat. A true foodie, she’s always up to check out “trendy” new dishes. Her recent favorite? A homemade waffle cone made out of a real waffle, filled to the brim with ice cream.

Her top recommendation for pizza in the city is Pequod’s. Its pan pizza is to die for. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, Mireya is happy to recommend the best taco spots,

Chinese restaurants, and cupcake shops. She’s better than Yelp and Trip Advisor combined! She’s also an avid traveler, often visiting her family in Mexico or jet setting to places as far as Thailand.

Mireya should also be your go-to if you need any beauty advice. Her guilty pleasure is nail polish, and she has the 500+ bottles in her collection to prove it! While she prefers to rock the classic mint or pink nails in person, don’t let that fool you – she has a blog filled with nail polish reviews, beauty tips, and design tutorials that would put most salons to shame.

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