Unique Aspects of an Oak Lawn Catastrophic Injury Case

A catastrophic injury can happen in many ways. The definition of a catastrophic injury is something that affects the individual and their ability to function. Most injuries will resolve over time, some injuries leave permanent restrictions, but a catastrophic injury is permanent and affects all aspects of living.

In a personal injury case, an individual can suffer many different types of injuries. From a sprain to a strain, to a fracture, to an injury requiring surgery, there are many variations of injuries. With a catastrophic injury, the effect on an individual’s life is complete. It may prevent a person from functioning normally in their day-to-day activities. Speak to a knowledgeable attorney to learn about the unique aspects of an Oak Lawn catastrophic injury case.

Understanding Incapacitation Injuries

There is no legal definition for incapacitation. Injuries sustained by one individual may be incapacitating, and the same injuries sustained by someone else may not be incapacitating. Ultimately, it is the individual’s inability to function and live a normal life that is considered incapacitation. There is a range of injuries that can lead to incapacitation. Courts do not put a percentage of incapacitation on injured persons, but different injuries can impact different people to varying degrees.

Proving Negligence and Damages

A qualified personal injury lawyer will be able to handle any type of injury resulting from negligence. However, for an individual who suffers catastrophic injuries after an accident, it is important to have a lawyer who has handled these types of damage cases in the past.

With a catastrophically injured individual, frequently, the lawyer will need to consult with many different medical specialties regarding the person’s capabilities. This may include physical therapists, physiatrists, or rehabilitation counselors.

Inability to Work

Another important aspect of a catastrophic injury case is documenting and proving the inability to work as well as the inability to work at the same level as before the accident. Each of these factors contributes to the ultimate value of the case. In a catastrophic injury case, it is vital to maximize the amount of recovery so that the injured person can live a life that provides for them considering their injuries.

Catastrophic injuries typically impact many aspects of life. One aspect is the ability to work and earn a living. An individual suffering from catastrophic personal injuries often loses the ability to work and earn a living.

It is essential to fully document the catastrophic injuries and the impact it has on the individual’s life. If someone is unable to work for the rest of their life, the settlement must take that into consideration. Catastrophic injuries must be evaluated properly so that a fair amount of compensation is recovered.

Contacting a Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Following a catastrophic injury, contacting a lawyer may be the furthest thing from a person’s mind. It is crucial to contact an attorney for help with recovery and rehabilitation. Frequently, family members of a catastrophically injured plaintiff will contact a lawyer on the person’s behalf. It is common to work with a family in a catastrophic personal injury case.

A person with such severe injuries often relies on family members to accomplish things they used to do on their own. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to answer questions with regard to medical bills. A qualified injury lawyer will also be able to provide advice on medical treatment and rehabilitation. These factors should not be overlooked when deciding on an attorney to represent an individual following a catastrophic injury.

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