Indianapolis Car Defect Injury Lawyer

No one starts their day planning to be involved in an accident, but collisions are common and occur when we least expect them. Operator error is one of the leading causes of a crash; however, a mechanical malfunction is an issue that most people never suspect.

When you were hurt in this type of incident, a dedicated product liability attorney could help. You might have grounds for suing the automobile or part manufacturer to receive compensation for your recovery, so discuss your options with an Indianapolis car defect injury lawyer today.

Common Types of Vehicle Defects

Understanding typical automobile flaws could be helpful to someone considering legal action against the manufacturer. With the help of an Indianapolis attorney, harmed individuals could pursue a vehicle defect lawsuit based on the following errors, among others.

Air Bags

Airbags are an important safety feature that saves countless lives every year. When they become faulty, the outcome can be catastrophic. In some cases, airbags fail to deploy in an accident, which leads to debilitating injuries. Other situations have resulted in exploding bags that harm the passengers in the car.

Steering Systems

The ability to steer and brake is crucial for a driver. While modern steering wheels are reliable, a car can freeze up, making it impossible for the motorist to maneuver. When this happens, a serious car wreck can become unavoidable.


Although tires are expected to last years, some can explode without warning. This can result in drivers losing control of their cars and crashing into other vehicles or structures. Poor design can also cause dangerous issues, including hydroplaning. Other collisions can occur due to suspension systems that increase the risk of a rollover.

Do I Have to Prove Negligence?

In most personal injury cases, a plaintiff must prove to a judge or jury that the defendant caused the wreck through negligence. This might involve a driver operating their car while impaired or failing to stop at a red light. However, a different standard is used when pursuing legal action against the manufacturer of a malfunctioning automobile.

In these cases, a plaintiff can rely on the strict liability standard. Instead of having to show that the manufacturer was negligent when they built a vehicle or part, this standard only requires a person to prove that the company was responsible for the creation of the dangerous product that caused a crash.

Although the standard of proof in strict liability is lower than a typical negligence claim, that does not mean every lawsuit will be successful. The automobile industry has extensive resources and legal teams ready to fight back, and an Indianapolis lawyer who handles auto defect injury cases could help even the odds.

Talk to a Car Defect Injury Attorney in Indianapolis Immediately

Flawed vehicles or vehicle parts can be more than an annoyance or inconvenience. Under certain circumstances, a mechanical failure could lead to an accident that alters your life forever.

When you are hurt in a crash, the right time to seek guidance from an Indianapolis car defect injury lawyer is now. Call as soon as possible to discuss your options with a hardworking personal injury attorney.