Indianapolis Failure to Warn Lawyer

Defective products result in countless injuries each day. Manufacturers have an obligation to the public to create safe goods and inform buyers of potential risks. Unfortunately, these companies do not always keep up their end of the bargain.

When you are harmed by a dangerous item, an Indianapolis failure to warn lawyer could help. You may be eligible for financial compensation because the manufacturer did not provide adequate warnings for their merchandise. Call McCready Law and learn how a seasoned product liability attorney could assist you with your case.

What is Failure to Warn?

Failure to warn occurs when a manufacturer refuses to provide the public with necessary details regarding a product. Accidents can happen when a consumer is unaware of the hazards involved with a particular item, from tools to food to automobiles. A lawyer in Indianapolis can provide insight into what makes a viable failure to warn claim.

Lack of Warnings

One of the two common examples of failure to warn is the inability to provide notice that something is dangerous. Certain merchandise, like lawnmowers or chainsaws, are inherently hazardous, while other things might only be dangerous under certain conditions. A manufacturer could be held liable when the packaging for these items does not include relevant warnings of the harm they might cause.

Inadequate or Missing Instructions

The second type of claim relates to a product’s instructions. A seller has a legal obligation to provide complete guidance on how to safely use an item. Any company that fails to include these details could be legally responsible for sustained injuries.

What Damages Are Available?

Individuals hurt in these cases may be eligible for compensation. With the help of an Indianapolis attorney, an injured person with a failure to warn claim could recover the following types of damages.

Medical Bills

Costly medical care can be overwhelming for someone hurt by a defective product. Emergency treatment in the aftermath of an accident may only be a small portion of these expenses.

For serious injuries, such as an explosion that causes severe burns, a person could require a lifetime of treatment, including surgical procedures, ambulance transportation, physical therapy, and pain management. A successful civil suit could help recoup these costs.

Lost Wages

The financial burden of a severe injury can be significant in a failure to warn case. When a person is hurt to the point that they cannot maintain their employment, it can cost them their primary source of income. Damages may be available based on this lost income, and in certain situations, it may be possible to recoup past and future wages.

Pain and Suffering

Severe harm can lead to physical pain and suffering and some problems can last a lifetime, including traumatic brain injuries and nerve damage. By filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer, it may be possible to obtain an award based on this distress.

Call a Failure to Warn Attorney in Indianapolis Today

If a lack of warnings or instructions led to you being seriously hurt by a commercial product you used, financial compensation may be available. However, the steps to holding a manufacturer accountable for these errors can be challenging to navigate alone.

Let an Indianapolis failure to warn lawyer assist you with pursuing fair compensation. Call for a free and private consultation today.