Indianapolis Burn Injury Lawyer

There are a variety of personal injuries that can have a permanent impact on a person’s life. However, when most people tend to imagine these situations, they think of events that may cause damage to their brain, back, or even amputation. One often-overlooked example of catastrophic injuries is burns. Severe burns can require extensive medical care and leave people with permanent, life-altering losses.

Whenever another person or company is responsible for an event that results in a burn, they must provide the compensation needed to make things right. An Indianapolis burn injury lawyer may be able to help you collect these payments by obtaining evidence to show another’s fault and demanding proper compensation through insurance settlements and lawsuits.

Situations That May Lead to Burns

Burns can occur under a variety of circumstances, but most often result from exposure to direct flame or extreme heat. However, burns may also be the product of exposure to caustic chemicals, severe friction, or even radiation.

A person or entity that allows this exposure to occur to someone else due to their negligence is likely responsible for the damages that follow. Burn victims must prove this negligence if they hope to receive restitution. The exact nature of this negligence will depend on the facts that led to the burn.

For example, many burns are the result of motor vehicle crashes where oil or gasoline catches fire. It is necessary to show that another driver was responsible for the collision that resulted in the fire. Similarly, people may suffer burns in building fires where an owner did not have proper exits. In these cases, a visitor must show that a property owner was negligent in allowing the fire to occur or for making it difficult to find an escape.

An Indianapolis burn injury attorney has the resources to build a powerful case against negligent defendants. But it is important to act quickly. Indiana Code § 34-11-2-4 gives only two years from the date of an incident to file a claim for payment. Talking with a lawyer now allows them to provide quick help.

How Might a Burn Change a Person’s Life?

The most immediate and apparent impact of a burn is the resulting physical injuries. Third-degree burns often fall into the category of catastrophic losses where a victim is never able to make a full recovery. Most burn injury cases will revolve around these injuries and seek out the compensation needed to pay for all past and future medical care.

In addition, burns have the potential to change a person’s life in other ways. Many burns will place a person in significant pain, and for many, this pain will be permanent. The event may also have a tremendous effect on a person’s ability to enjoy life or spend time with loved ones. Finally, the burn could jeopardize their opportunity to earn a living or support their family.

A burn injury lawyer works with people in Indianapolis to understand how the event has changed their life. Using this information, they make proper demands for personal injury compensation in and out of court.

Speak with an Indianapolis Burn Injury Attorney Now

Burns can occur under a variety of circumstances. Whether your injury was the result of a car crash, a building fire, or even exposure to toxic substances, you have the right to seek out payments for your losses if another party was to blame. Compensation may take the form of payment for medical bills, lost quality of life, and even lost wages.

An Indianapolis burn injury lawyer may be able to help you collect these payments so that you do not have to bear the financial burden for your losses. There is a strict time limit under state law to act; so reach out to an attorney now to get started.