Common Causes of Defective Products in Indianapolis

Product defects represent a major threat to the health and safety of consumers. They can result in serious burns, toxic exposure, traumatic injuries, and other severe consequences. A dedicated defective goods attorney could help you seek compensation after being hurt by a faulty item.

Several different circumstances can lead to issues with consumer goods, so if you have questions about the common causes of defective products in Indianapolis or have a potential case, contact our team today.

What Items Can Be Defective?

Any object that is offered for sale to the public has the potential to be unreasonably hazardous. However, not everything that has the potential to be harmful is considered defective, such as sharp or heavy power tools.

An Indianapolis lawyer could evaluate any injuries caused by defective products to determine if legal action is an option. When a lawsuit is successful, the manufacturer is often liable for resulting damages, such as medical bills and lost wages.

Types of Item Defects

Goods can be unreasonably unsafe for a multitude of reasons. In some situations, entire production lines are faulty; in others, only a handful of units out of a thousand put consumers at risk. There are three primary types of defects that a lawyer can focus on.

Design Flaws

Industrial and consumer goods may be unreasonably dangerous from the beginning. Although companies often pour enormous resources into the design process, mistakes happen, and these errors can render a product too hazardous for general use.

Inadequate testing can lead to overlooking these flaws before they reach consumers. Design flaws become more likely when companies are on a tight deadline and spend less time and money on finalizing production. Similarly, this is common among pharmaceutical companies that rush medicine to the market without conducting the appropriate number of trials first.

Manufacturing Mistakes

Other complications arise during the manufacturing process. This phase is broad, encompassing the time from the completed design to the moment a product reaches the public marketplace.

Some mistakes involve human error in a factory setting, while others result from damage during transportation or storage. Manufacturing issues can be widespread or impact only a handful of units, and problems can stem from various factors, including inadequate training, poor material quality, or improper storage.

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Failure to Warn

Items can be fit for public consumption but still be inherently dangerous. From blow torches to chainsaws, there is no doubt that serious injuries can occur when these types of items are misused. While consumers are responsible for taking precautions as instructed, legal problems arise when a manufacturer fails to warn about the hazards of a specific product. This could be missing warning labels or cautionary messages on packaging explaining the risks of use.

Another issue involves the lack of comprehensive instructions. People cannot know whether they are using something as intended if the instructions are unclear, in the wrong language, or missing entirely.

Can an Injured Person Sue a Manufacturer?

An individual in Indianapolis hurt by a dangerous product has the right to file a civil lawsuit against the manufacturer. While most cases use the negligence standard, these companies face strict liability. This lower burden of proof does not require the plaintiff to prove the company was negligent when it created the harmful item.

The burden for the injured person might be low, but large companies have resources to fight back. A lawyer’s support could be invaluable when dealing with the legal teams of these multi-million-dollar industries.

Get in Touch With an Indianapolis Attorney for More on the Common Causes of Defective Products

When consumers are harmed due to negligence, a civil lawsuit is often the right response. Legal action, with help from a personal injury attorney, could result in a monetary award that covers your physical, emotional, and financial losses.

These common causes of defective products in Indianapolis could serve as the basis for a successful claim. Call our team as soon as possible to schedule a private consultation and discuss your legal options.