Stephanie Leet ’s work at McCready, Garcia & Leet is quite serious – among other things, she handles the firm’s federal worker’s compensation practice. However, that simply rounds out her true

personality. She is kind and considerate, and does admit to having a bit of a childish nature – she refers to it as her “Disney-ness.” She is also adventuresome. She loves to travel, but perhaps this is because of her upbringing.

Stephanie Leet was born in Arizona, but by the age of 13, she had lived in 10 different cities, mostly in the south. Her father’s job demanded that he move to “wherever the accounts were,” and Stephanie adapted to life in new and different places with ease. As a matter of fact, she still visits friends and extended family in Mississippi and Tennessee.

Once in the Chicago area (but never in the big city itself), Stephanie’s family finally settled down. She attended high school and worked her way through college at a local heating and air conditioning business. Stephanie then attended DePaul University. During her first summer off she went to Greece, feeding the travel bug that she had been bitten by as a child.

But it was her during her second summer of law school that Stephanie’s life was to forever change. She had obtained her 711 license which gave her the ability to intern for the Cook County State’s Attorney. This meant that she could actually prosecute cases, even though she was not yet a lawyer. While working on a case there, she met a particularly engaging police officer. Dewey was his name then, but Stephanie now calls him “hubby.”

Dewey and Stephanie have two sons and a daughter. The children love to play, either in the yard or their toy room (formerly known as the basement). Dewey and the kids are all huge soccer fans. Though Stephanie prefers sand volleyball, which she plays whenever she can find a spare moment, she takes advantage of the family’s soccer passion to travel all around the country attending games. The family also loves to go on cruises, fly out to Las Vegas, and they’ve been to Disney World® numerous times.

In her spare time (which there is little of), Stephanie likes to listen to country music and watch movies. Though her favorite movie is the crime thriller The Departed, when asked what three movies she’d take with her to a deserted island, her fun side came through. She said, “My first choice would probably be Frozen, which is a Disney movie. Then it would probably be Wedding Crashers, and also Tangled. I’m a Disney nut even without my kids.”

Stephanie is also a nut about Diet Coke. On her way to work – and it’s a long commute – she passes many coffee shops. Being the considerate person she is, she frequently brings coffee and donuts for the whole staff. Most of her co-workers cannot start the day without a cup (or two) of java, but for Stephanie “a day without diet pop is a bad day.”

It’s hard to imagine Stephanie has many bad days. With a pop in one hand and a smile on her face, Stephanie is always busy, whether at work or at home. She’s busy 24/7 and with her easy wit and high energy level she likes it that way.