Sam Sciaccotta – Intake Specialist at McCreadyLaw

Sam is our Intake Paralegal. This means that she’s usually the first point of contact for potential clients – which we love because she sets the tone for how we do things here. Sam is a great listener, so she’s a perfect fit for her position. She takes a look at each potential case and determines whether we will be able to help the potential client.

Even if she doesn’t think that it’s a case our office can assist with, Sam always goes the extra mile to help that client find someone who can assist them with their problem. She never wants to leave people hanging without the help they need because (just like the rest of the team at McCreadyLaw) she truly has everyone’s best interests at heart.

Her original professional background is in insurance, but she transitioned to law because she wanted to make a more positive impact on people’s lives.

When she’s not working, Sam is indulging in her favorite movie, Anchorman or TV show, American Horror Story. Yes, those are at totally opposite ends of the entertainment spectrum, but she likes to keep things interesting!

To keep her going throughout the day, she loves to listen to anything but country music. R&B, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Rock, and Piano (Beethoven & Claude Debussy). Seriously, anything else.

When she’s not rocking out, she’s cooking up a storm. Her favorite kind of food is Italian, but her favorite restaurants in the city are Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak, and Stone Crab.

If you see Sam around the office, you might see her in two of her favorite colors, like ruby red and emerald green, or perhaps even sporting gear from her favorite team, the Chicago Blackhawks. A perfect day for Sam would be laying on a white sand beach, over looking the ocean with a cold drink in hand and the love of her life by her side.

Her favorite animals are big cats, like panthers, lions, and tigers – and she even has a ferocious feline at home named Lily, who she loves and adores.