Martha is not an amateur by any stretch of the imagination. She is the firm’s paralegal and she’s been at it for ten years. That means she probably has tricks of the trade that no one really understands and we are fine with that. We just follow her lead. She is a multi-tasking powerhouse. Her scope of duty includes handling all the correspondence, ordering police reports, and handling other complex needs related to case management. Martha is very centered as a person and sticks to a tried-and-true routine beginning with Church on Sunday. Afterwards, they look forward to going to one of their regular brunch spots in her Native Chicago neighborhood.

For Martha, her family is her world. She has an active family life complete with a husband of 12 years, two active sons, and a fur baby to boot. Martha is fluent in Spanish, but says she basically communicates to her family in English – even when her patience wears thin. It can be tough raising two robust boys, but we suspect this is what keeps her young at heart and thriving.

Martha can be found in her off-time shuttling the boys to their personal sporting events and practicing her car dancing moves all the while to the latest Bachata Latin inspired tunes. (Maybe we will have her teach salsa lessons at the firm’s next holiday party.) As a family, they try hard to get away once a year for their annual family vacation, but she wouldn’t mind traveling more. In her own words, “We aim follow the warmth of the sun.”

In her downtime, they watch a lot of kid friendly movies and invest in quality time at home as a family. Like a few of our other resident firm employees, she loves a good shopping trip at Target. Additionally, we were surprised to learn that Dunkin Donuts is her “happy place”. Talk about breaking the status quo!

She says her husband describes her as a bit shy at first, but she is so warm-hearted upon meeting her and loves getting to know people. Her style is reminiscent of a busy Mom – meaning you won’t find her in trend setting pink hair or anything, but don’t let that fool you. Martha loves hanging out at the pool with her kids, and you can bet she will be the first to the company party and the last to leave. She is all about having a good time and loves to smile and enjoy life. Our firm is excited to have to have someone with Martha’s skillset and all-around good nature.