Hazel Crest Side-Impact Car Collision Lawyer

Car accidents are common and can happen due to driver mistakes, external forces, or disobeying the rules of the road. One of the most dangerous types of auto crash is a side-impact collision.

If you were struck by another car in this manner, reach out to a Hazel Crest side-impact car collision lawyer. With previous experience litigating these types of cases, a compassionate car accident attorney could put you on the right path to recovering compensation for your losses.

Definition of a Side-Impact Collision

Side-impact collisions, also called T-bone accidents, typically involve vehicles traveling in cross-current directions. The striking vehicle hits the driver or passenger side of the other car.

Side-impact accidents are common at intersections. When one vehicle fails to yield the right of way, it could strike – or be struck by – another car crossing at the same time. This also commonly happens when someone runs through a red light and the oncoming driver does not see them in time. If the crash happens on the side of the vehicle where the driver or a passenger is sitting, that person is much more likely to sustain severe injuries. An accidental death can happen in some cases.

First Steps to Take After a T-Bone

Following a side-impact accident, the first thing someone should do is attend to the safety of anyone in their vehicle. Next, they should call the police by dialing 911. If the vehicle is in a dangerous place such as the middle of the road, it should be moved to a safer position if it is still able to operate properly.

Following any side-impact accident, it is always advisable to seek immediate medical attention. Even if a person does not feel pain, it is still wise to go to the emergency room to be checked out, since some injuries might not manifest immediately. Insurance companies determine the value of personal injury cases based on medical treatment and might use the lack of medical attention as proof that the crash was not severe. Once a person is medically stable, they should consider calling a Hazel Crest T-bone accident attorney who could begin working on their case as quickly as possible.

Injuries and Potential Damages

A T-bone accident typically produces property damage to either the driver side or passenger side of a car. More importantly, it often causes injuries to the occupants of the vehicles. Those in the vehicle that has been struck will sometimes suffer from whiplash, which is when their neck quickly becomes hyperextended. Fortunately, some vehicles are equipped with side-impact airbags, which can help minimize the trauma to the passengers. Because the other car usually crashes against the car windows, people need to beware of shards of glass, which can cause lacerations or pierce the skin.

Following a side-impact accident, claimants are entitled to seek certain damages. A successful recovery means they could have their car repaired and all of their medical bills paid for. Another element of damages is lost wages, if the patient had to take time off work in order to recover.

Non-economic damages are also available. These include intangible things that do not have a set dollar amount, such as pain and suffering, disability, and loss of enjoyment of life. A local side-impact auto accident lawyer could help determine which damages to seek in a claim.

Learn More with a Hazel Crest Side-Impact Car Collision Attorney

After a T-bone accident, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Attorneys could offer a free initial consultation to discuss the merits of the case and lay out which damages might be available. Additionally, the attorney may be able to assist with the investigation so that fault is properly established.

A Hazel Crest side-impact car collision lawyer could help you get the relief you need. Contact one today to learn what your options are.