Gina is one of those RARE birds who is truly vested in the happiness of other people. She takes an inquisitive nod and really lends an ear to others – listening, comforting, and advising. As you can imagine, our clients find immense value in these traits. She works directly with those in the pre-litigation department and takes charge of the loose pieces of our work that can sometimes fall within the cracks.

This self-described, anal-retentive perfectionist loves her downtime. Comfort is her claim to fame, and she says cooking, gardening and all things “home” bring her joy. Unfortunately, she was one of the many people who were diagnosed with Covid-19, luckily her symptoms were on the mild side. Gina is also a 10-year breast cancer survivor! As with any notable challenge in life, those types of experiences lend a powerful upfront perspective on life. She is now able to give a voice to others suffering.

Gina also employs a furry, part-time office assistant, her black lab Angus, who makes himself available to zoom meetings upon request, that is if he is not sleeping or begging for treats! Her life without Covid-19 restrictions included many trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic (where she got engaged on the beach to her love, Ray!), and anyplace where she can dip her toes in warm water. If you dropped in on Gina in the evenings, you may find her chilling out watching General Hospital, Chicago Fire/Med/PD, The Good Doctor, or coloring by numbers on her phone app, BUT understand this is temporary. She says once Covid-19 is over, her entertaining days are going to be back in full effect and her party house is the place you want to be. Gina and Ray know how to throw a party!!

Our firm adores this new virtual space we are in where we can allow our employees to remain safe at home while working in sweats and a t-shirt! We cannot see the smile on Gina’s face, but we can hear her enthusiasm when she is talking to our clients. Gina is a team player and often says to her co-workers, “Teamwork makes the dream work!”