Tyler Laski

Tyler is one of our paralegals and has been with us since May 2017. He mostly works with settlements, so he’s a part of organizing our clients’ bills towards the end of the claims process. His main job is to collaborate with our partners by contacting the hospitals and doctors offices that care for our patients and negotiating a smaller bill.

He’s a great fit for our team because it’s always been his goal to help people. Coming out of college, he wanted a job that would directly impact his community for the better and he believes that

he’s found that here. Sometimes clients are overwhelmed, scared, or frustrated with their situation, and being a part of the solution for them gives him major job satisfaction.

Before he joined our team, Tyler was a political science major at Valparaiso University. He hopes to become a bona fide lawyer and with the LSAT already under his belt, is thinking about which law school he might like to attend one day.

Outside of work, Tyler is a huge car guy. You can usually find him cheering on Formula1 or NASCAR races wishing he was there in person, or detailing his own car, which if he had it his way, would be a Tesla. He hasn’t had a chance to participate in any car races of his own yet, but would definitely jump at the chance to. So if you can set it up, let him know!

Tyler is also an avid outdoorsman. He likes to fish when he can (and he’s essentially a pro after working at a seafood restaurant cooking and smoking fish all through college) as well as play pick up soccer games with his friends.

His favorite professional soccer team might be based in Spain (FC Barcelona!), but Tyler’s dream vacation is definitely to Venice, Italy for the relaxing atmosphere and cool scenery. He thinks Italian food is pretty good, but nothing can beat Mexican. If he can’t have his mom’s cooking, then Los Comales will do.

You might not know this by looking at him, but he has a great voice! He used to sing the national anthem for sports games and school talent shows, and this love of music spills over into his killer Spotify playlist, which is packed with hits from every genre.

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