Slip and Falls Involving Snow or Ice in Indianapolis

Winters in Indianapolis are cold and bring plenty of snow and ice to the area. Unfortunately, injuries can result from slipping and falling in these weather conditions. While falls can cause serious harm to anyone, they are especially dangerous for older adults, often leaving them with lasting consequences.

Property owners, managers, and possessors are legally responsible for maintaining and keeping their area safe for those they invite to enter the premises. When people sustain severe bodily harm, they may have the right to pursue compensation with help from a knowledgeable slip and fall attorney. These lawsuits are part of premises liability. To learn more, speak to a diligent lawyer who handles lawsuits resulting from slip and falls involving snow or ice in Indianapolis.

Injuries from Slipping and Falling

Significant harm can come from these types of incidents. Some examples of sustained injuries from slips and falls during snow or ice in Indianapolis include:

  • Ligament strains and muscle sprains
  • Deep lacerations and bruises
  • Facial damage or dental injuries
  • Joint injuries, including knees and shoulders
  • Broken hips or limbs, such as hands or arms, from the individual trying to break their fall
  • Mild to severe head and brain damage, including concussions or traumatic brain injuries
  • Severe back injuries, such as slipped discs
  • Spinal cord injuries leading to permanent disabilities from paralysis or spinal compression fractures

An experienced personal injury attorney could investigate the cause of a fall and gather evidence to establish liability.

Caution sign for slippery floors

Filing a Claim for Damages

All property owners must keep their premises safe, but commercial land owners have a higher duty of care to protect their customers and visitors, called invitees. To establish liability for the owner, a case must prove they had a duty to protect the injured person from harm.

The claim must show that they breached their legal obligations, leading to the plaintiff suffering bodily harm and other damages. There must also be evidence that the person responsible for the premises knew or should have known of the hazardous conditions that put their visitors at risk.

An example would be a customer entering a convenience store and slipping on melted snow from foot traffic. The owner is responsible for checking their floors, especially on poor weather days, and providing the proper caution signage and cleanups if necessary.

The Components of Negligence

Specific components must exist to establish the landowner or possessor’s negligence. According to the Indianapolis Bar Association, those components are:

  • The defendant should have known of the condition or used reasonable care to discover it
  • The landowner failed to use prudent care to protect their invitees from the risk of harm
  • A reasonable person would not expect the invitee to see the risk and protect themselves from sustaining bodily harm

Reach out to a lawyer skilled in handling cases resulting from Indianapolis slips and falls in snow or ice. They could thoroughly review the evidence to ensure cause for action and help work through the complex process.

Speak to an Attorney Skilled With Indianapolis Slip and Falls Involving Snow or Ice

You could be eligible to collect compensation from the negligent property owner when you sustain injuries and losses after slipping and falling because of hazardous conditions. While civil laws protect you from monetary damages you incur because of negligence, these cases are still complex.

A qualified lawyer experienced with claims for slip and falls involving snow or ice in Indianapolis could provide sound legal advice and help you reach a favorable outcome. Call today when you need help recovering damages in a premises liability case and schedule an appointment with our team.