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Paralysis is the loss of sensation and motor control in parts of the body, and it can be one of the most challenging conditions to live with. In addition to requiring significant changes to your lifestyle, these injuries frequently come with chronic, life-long pain.

If another person’s actions led to your injuries, a Chicago paralysis injury lawyer could help. The proper legal counsel could aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf. Before you consider a settlement offer, discuss your case with a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney.

How Paralyzing Injuries Happen

The circumstances surrounding paralysis injuries can vary, but they frequently involve damage to a person’s head, neck, or back. Any damage to the spinal cord can cut off a brain’s ability to transmit signals to the parts of the body below the injured area.

Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions are one of the most common causes of paralysis. The significant force generated in these accidents can cause traumatic injuries, including damage to a person’s spine. Car, motorcycle, and commercial truck wrecks frequently serve as the basis for legal action.

Slip and Falls

Falls are another common cause of paralysis. When a person slips, trips, or falls, the results can be catastrophic if they land on their head, neck, or back. While falling from a significant height is more likely to have devastating consequences, even tripping on flat ground could be enough to result in a paralyzing injury.

To recover a monetary award, a plaintiff must show that their condition is the result of negligence. This action results from one party failing to uphold their duty of care to prevent harm to another person. A Chicago paralysis injury attorney could review the facts, identify the responsible parties, and prove the at-fault party as legally liable.

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Understanding the Statute of Limitations

Anyone considering legal action must first understand the statute of limitations. This deadline is one of the major pitfalls for personal injury lawsuits, and failing to comply with it can prevent a person from successfully recovering the compensation they deserve.

The statute of limitations for a paralyzing injury is two years, and it begins to expire the day the accident happens. If an injured person does not file within this time, they could be permanently barred from obtaining damages.

There are some exceptions to the deadline that can give plaintiffs additional time to file suit. The most common is when a person is under the age of 18 at the time of their injury. Juveniles are given more time to file their claim because they do not have the legal standing to pursue a lawsuit on their own. However, identifying the exact deadline that applies to a paralysis injury lawsuit can be difficult without the help of a seasoned Chicago lawyer.

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When you or a loved one has been through an accident that left you with catastrophic injuries, you do not have to consider your legal options alone. Compassionate legal counsel could make all the difference in your personal injury case and help you obtain the financial support you deserve.

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