Lawrence Paralysis Injury Lawyer

An injury-causing accident that leads to paralysis is a life-changing event for the survivor, creating an overwhelming loss with life-long consequences. The emergency medical care you need to recover will be extremely expensive, and the effects of paralysis will have negative effects on your wellbeing and daily life. You must carry the financial burdens from the accident while also struggling with the loss of function that comes with such a devastating injury.

As you try to cope with your new situation and understand your rights following a major catastrophic injury, you should hire a Lawrence paralysis injury lawyer. They provide guidance on securing the compensation you deserve and negotiate with insurance companies to make that a reality.

Determining Who Is Liable for a Paralysis Injury

Determining fault for an accident that led to someone’s paralysis helps assign legal liability for the survivor’s losses. Identifying fault is part of the insurance claims process, but a court can also complete this step as part of a lawsuit.

The fault may not always be clear in the immediate aftermath of an accident. An experienced paralysis injury lawyer could investigate a Lawrence accident and establish potential at-fault parties. Negligence is a key factor in paralysis injury cases. By investigating all parties involved and evaluating the available evidence, an attorney determines who should be held responsible. Sometimes more than one party might share liability for an accident and the resulting damages.

Common Causes of a Paralysis Injury

Many types of accidents can lead to a paralyzing injury. Personal injury law encompasses various scenarios in which another party’s negligence is the cause of the harm. Some of the most common scenarios include:

Spinal cord injuries can happen in any accident involving a forceful blow or fall. When a claim involves a twisting or severing of the cord, leading to paralysis, an insurer is likely to try and shift blame away from their insured, so they are not on the hook for compensation.

How Much Compensation May Be Available for a Paralysis Injury?

Although a Lawrence attorney cannot promise their client the exact compensation they will receive in a paralysis injury case, they can provide knowledgeable guidance and help set expectations. A skilled paralysis lawyer could calculate the maximum damages for individual cases after investigating the medical expenses they incurred, as well as the non-economic losses they are experiencing.

Compensation in a paralysis injury case may include:

  • Medical costs, including future medical expenses and the cost of lifetime supportive care
  • Loss of income, future loss of earnings, and loss of earning capacity (if left permanently unable to work due to an injury)
  • Pain and suffering, including from medical procedures and emotional pain and distress following the injury
  • Property damage for the loss of or repairs to the survivor’s vehicle or other property that was lost or damaged

While the attorney and insurance company may not agree on the proper payout for an individual’s losses, the attorney’s work might guide negotiations and decision-making. If the insurance company does not make a respectable offer, the plaintiff could ask to go to court.

Learn How a Lawrence Paralysis Injury Lawyer Could Help You Seek Damages for Your Losses

At McCready Law, we understand the stress, pain, and suffering you experience after such a life-altering accident. Our Lawrence paralysis injury lawyer protects your rights and fights to seek compensation from the parties responsible for your injuries. Contact us for a free case consultation and learn how to get yourself back on firm financial footing.