Seidy is one of our Intake Assistants. She works closely with Joan Moss to help new clients through the process of either online or in-house signup.  Seidy is fluent in Spanish and we are proud to have her on our team to ensure as many members of our community as possible experience a smooth intake process. Seidy is a great team player and a friendly presence to have at the beginning of your journey with us.</p>
Before joining our team, Seidy worked in administration at a therapeutic day school, but her interest in law dates back to high school. She participated in mock trial as a student and enjoyed every part of the experience – from playing witness to getting to experience arguing mock cases in front of an actual judge. Seidy considered going into teaching after high school but is thrilled to have made her way to her first love, law. She is currently pursuing her associate’s degree.

Seidy has a big family and considers them her greatest support system. She and her husband enjoy spending lots of time at family events with all their combined siblings and parents.  They also enjoy going out dancing together and nurturing their at-home garden. Their most prosperous plants include the ones that produce habanero and jalapeño peppers to include in the delicious Central American food they like to cook at home, as Seidy has Mexican heritage and her husband is from Honduras.

The couple are both also licensed foster parents and have three children of their own: Amy, Liam, and Danny.