Gary Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns can result from exposure to hot liquids, open flames, hot materials, and electrical or chemical exposures. In addition to pain, anyone suffering from a serious burn may worry how they will pay costly medical bills for associated treatments. However, if another party caused your injury, a skilled catastrophic injury attorney could represent you and help you pursue monetary compensation.

Beyond just assistance with filing a claim, a meticulous Gary burn injury lawyer may be able to aid in evidence collection and explain the laws surrounding burn injuries. They could work towards a positive outcome while you focus on healing.

Medical Complications from Burns

Burn injuries of any level of severity can cause severe damage to nerves and skin. However, many people do not understand the risk that burns pose to other systems in the body. Anyone who has suffered from burn injuries could be at an increased risk of:

  • Infections, including a potential risk for sepsis
  • Organ failure
  • Low blood volume
  • Pneumonia and related respiratory difficulties
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Renal failure
  • Cancers

These medical complications almost always mean additional time in the hospital and could increase medical expenses for burn victims. On top of that, additional stress could make healing more challenging.

It should be a priority for burn injury victims to seek immediate medical treatment and to have a physician take detailed notes regarding their condition. Any collected medical evidence could help a Gary burn injury lawyer understand a victim’s pain and any potential damage claims.

Damage Limits for Burn Injury Plaintiffs

While Indiana limits compensation for some lawsuits, there is no legal limit imposed on potential recovery for burn injury victims in Gary. Usually, a defendant’s representative and an injured Gary resident’s burn injury lawyer decide on a compensation amount during settlement discussion.

If a fair settlement cannot be reached, the case may go to court. There, both legal teams would present their cases, and a jury could determine liability and any potential damages.

Burn Injury Statute of Limitations in Gary

A statute of limitations is the amount of time a plaintiff could file their case in court. Indiana Code §34-11-2-4 sets the statute of limitations at two years from the date of injury. Ideally, this length of time allows for a burn injury victim to find legal representation and for their personal injury attorney to prepare to file a case on their behalf.

However, the pre-filing process could also include contacting witnesses, accessing medical information, and discussing fair damages for the victim’s suffering. Regardless, if the filing is not complete when the statute of limitations expires, a victim may no longer have any legal standing to recover damages from those liable.

Talk to a Gary Burn Injury Attorney

The priority of any burn victim should be physical healing, but that process can often take years and require extensive medical intervention depending on the severity of injuries. As such, you may also want to consider consulting with a legal representative to determine if you have a potential claim for injuries in the first place. Collecting compensation from those liable could help offset the cost of medical care and help you return to your former life as much as possible.

By discussing your injury-related bills, lifestyle changes, and pain with a Gary burn injury lawyer, you may be able to effectively prepare to file a claim that accurately reflects the pain you have endured. Call today to learn more about your legal rights after a burn injury.