Brian is a seasoned executive with decades of experience in overseeing how organizations are represented to the public. If our reels helped answer your questions about the courtroom or if you felt relieved when we popped up on Google, you can thank Brian. He firmly believes that emotions lead to actions and creates pathos-driven concepts to help companies better connect with their audience.

Before joining our team, he spent years disrupting dysfunctional operating and marketing strategies to build and scale successful businesses — ones that truly make a difference. Brian has founded many companies in the health, marketing, and tech spaces, including:

  • Waitsup: “Clinical Online Booking Software”
  • CuraEMR: “Electronic Medical Records Software”
  • DB Collective: “Software & Creative Agency”
  • Collective Ventures: “Startup Incubator and Co-Working Space”

Eligible for a full art scholarship to NYU, he was persuaded by his parents, both doctors, to study medicine. After two years, he shifted his focus to business and computers. Throughout his career, art has continually found its way back to him. His diverse education has equipped him with a myriad of skills used today to integrate operations, leadership, technology, and marketing for the benefit of the firm.

Studying at Rutgers and Harvard has fueled his ongoing passion for learning. We learn every day, online, in classrooms, from colleagues and friends, mentors, and even those we teach. Teaching helps us master what we have learned. Brian has held many titles throughout his decades in business, but “mentor” is his most cherished. He has hired over 200 individuals, many of whom have achieved great personal and professional success. Brian considers mentoring others and building them up to be one of the greatest accomplishments of his career.

He is passionate about organizations that strive to help the everyday person and finds purpose in assisting others. Understanding that many of our clients never expected to need a personal injury attorney, he works hard to connect our team with those seeking answers. He leverages current technology, specifically AI, to integrate custom tools within the firm.

A true family man, Brian has been married to the love of his life since 2007 and is the father of two amazing boys. The family resides in Florida and firmly believes in valuing experiences over material things. They enjoy traveling together, trying new restaurants (and revisiting old favorites) every Friday night, and, of course, cheering on their favorite NBA and NFL teams together.


Fun Facts

  • Brian has played the violin for 11 years and can play most stringed instruments by ear.
  • Mentors many young entrepreneurs and give resources to help them build their dreams.
  • Loves to grill up some great wagyu steaks, lobsters, and burgers.

Favorite Quotes