Porter County Defective Products Lawyer

Manufacturers may choose poor quality materials, design the product improperly, or fail to emphasize quality control. Nevertheless, negligent manufacturers can be held liable for their failure to create a safe product. An experienced Porter County defective products lawyer can work with you to seek justice for these injuries. A knowledgeable attorney can create a comprehensive claim that clearly illustrates the manufacturer’s negligence so that you can get the compensation you deserve.

Common Types of Defective Products in Porter County

Not all products are safe to use, and unsafe products can cause serious injuries. Some defective products may include but are not limited to:

• Toys or products
• Household appliances
• Power tools
• Work-related equipment
• Machinery
• Auto products
• Medical or cosmetic products

From car accidents, burns, or even death, suffering critical injuries due to the negligence of a manufacturer is simply unacceptable. Every day, Porter County residents place trust in product manufacturers and purchase their wares with the mentality that they will work. Even if the product is lightly used or properly maintained, the last thing consumers expect is to suffer a serious injury due to the defective products.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports, injuries, deaths, and property damage in relation to defective products cost American citizens more than $1 trillion each year. When someone is injured due to a defective product, a Porter County defective products lawyer can help.

The Role of Strict Liability In These Cases

In many defective products cases, the responsibility lies on the victim to prove that the product in question is dangerous and defective. The state of Indiana recognizes “strict liability” claims against manufacturers who produce defective products and fail to adhere to an appropriate standard of care.

An important aspect of strict liability law is that the injured person may not have to prove that the manufacturer was negligent or failed to use reasonable care when producing the product. Rather, they may show that the product exposes the user to a risk of harm beyond that contemplated by the standard consumer who uses the item.

Legal cases against these negligent product manufacturers may be the only way to raise awareness about dangerous consumer products. Distributors, retailers, and manufacturers all have a legal duty to provide consumers with safe products. Furthermore, they are also obligated to market their products responsibly, which remains a lingering issue. Failing to provide a reasonable warning, at the very least, can cause the product to be defective.

Talk to a Porter County Defective Products Attorney

A corporation’s negligence can result in serious user injuries and even death. Determining the parties responsible and holding them accountable for their negligence can be an important step for product safety awareness.
The simple truth is that in order to seek justice, it may be vital to obtain the assistance of a Porter County defective products lawyer who is ready and willing to protect your rights and fight for fair compensation. Call today for a free consultation to learn how a passionate attorney can help you.