What is a crayon box without its black crayon? Not reaching its full potential! This is because the black crayon compliments every single other color in the box. It can easily match with and enhance any color. In her own words, Rose Alvarez is our black crayon!

Rose is our Firm Administrator, but also a lifelong learner and dedicated HR professional. In her role, she ensures the smooth day-to-day operation of our office, taking charge of various tasks. She is also at the forefront of driving improvements in our operations, constantly adapting to better serve our clients. Under her leadership, our firm has nearly doubled in size, a remarkable achievement considering the challenges posed by the pandemic. With a 12-year background in Big Law, Rose brings valuable expertise in personnel relations, process implementation, and management to the firm.

What truly sets Rose apart is her deep understanding of the metrics that guide our firm’s success. She is invaluable in analyzing data and using it to make informed decisions that drive our growth and profitability. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Rose is a family-oriented individual who exemplifies hard work and dedication. She consistently goes above and beyond to support and empower her team, creating a positive and productive work environment. With Rose leading the way, our firm is poised for continued success and excellence.

A mother of five sons, including a Marine Corp veteran and another active duty Marine, she cherishes the times they can all be together.  Rose is truly a soccer mom, as her younger sons play soccer year-round.  Rose’s faith and her church family are very important to her. Although Rose loves Shine FM, on the occasional ride home she’ll tune in to Linkin Park radio or business podcasts.  When she’s unwinding after a day at work, she likes to catch up on her favorite shows. She’s a big fan of The Crown for its historical accuracy, Fuller House for its hilarity and nostalgia. Rose and her son are quite the cooks, so they like to watch cooking technique videos together.  Rose and her younger sons never watch the Mandalorian, anything Marvel or The Last of Us without each’s a house rule!  For films, she prefers to keep it a little bit more serious. Her favorite is Schindler’s List because the non-fiction story is a horror and one we should know, but it was also a story of survival and of heroes within a tragedy.

We are so excited to have Rose on our team!



Fun Facts

  • Doting mother of 5 boys
  • Is practically a fine restaurant chef

Favorite Quotes