Rose Alvarez

What is a crayon box without its black crayon? Not reaching its full potential! This is because the black crayon compliments every single other color in the box. It can easily match with and enhance any color. In her own words, Rose Alvarez is our black crayon!

Rose is our Firm Administrator. This means that she’s in charge of helping everything around the office to run smoothly from day to day. She’s also leading the charge to ensure that our operations are constantly improving and adapting to serve you better.

Rose has an extensive background in human resources, which makes her a perfect fit for this role. She’s a family-oriented hard worker who always goes above and beyond for her team. She’s also a lifelong learner and is currently studying for her PHR certification.

When she’s not at work, Rose is spending time with her five sons. Although she is allergic to many animals, she does hope to add a hypoallergenic dog to the mix soon and is taking suggestions for names. Her oldest son is in the Marine Corp and his boot camp graduation in San Diego was one for the books. Although Rose loves living in Chicago, she does wish that we could have weather like San Diego all year long here as well.

Rose’s faith and her church family are very important to her. Her minivan’s radio is always tuned to Shine FM and she really enjoys participating in church activities and events. However, on the occasional ride home she’ll pop in one of her Linkin Park CDs (she owns nearly all of the albums).

When she’s unwinding after a day at work, she likes watching a show on Netflix with her family. She’s a big fan of The Crown for its historical accuracy, Fuller House for its hilarity and nostalgia, and Nailed It because maybe, just maybe the dishes will turn out okay one of these times. Rose is quite the cook herself, so watching these culinary disasters come to life is especially entertaining for her.

For films, she prefers to keep it a little bit more serious. Her favorite is Schindler’s List because the non-fiction story is a horror and one we should know, but it was also a story of survival and of heroes within a tragedy.

We are so excited to have Rose on our team!

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