Initial Consultation with an Oak Lawn Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Following an accident that results in a traumatic brain injury (TBI), it is best to seek help from a seasoned attorney. The TBI lawyer’s greatest responsibility to the injured claimant throughout the case is to fight for the best recovery possible, given the facts of the case. A person may need a financial recovery in order to live their life and obtain medical care in the future. For these reasons, it is important that they speak with a lawyer who is experienced in traumatic brain injury cases.

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What Qualities Should a Person Look for When Seeking Advice from a TBI Lawyer?

Since all personal injury cases, including TBI cases, involve medical injuries, it is essential that a lawyer has a good base of knowledge and understanding of medical terminology. This is essential when dealing with a traumatic brain injury since the attorney will be working with doctors and other medical personnel. In order to present the strongest case possible, the lawyer must be able to explain the medical condition in words that a jury can understand. If the lawyer is not intimately familiar with the medical aspects of the case himself, it will hinder their ability in explaining it to the jury.

There are several criteria which are important when evaluating which traumatic brain injury lawyer to hire. First, a person should examine the lawyer’s track record with regard to other similar type cases. Second, they should investigate whether the law firm has the resources to pursue a significant case, such as a traumatic brain injury. Finally, it is important to feel comfortable with the lawyer who they ultimately select. The lawyer-client relationship must be strong in order to make the maximum recovery. If there is a breakdown in communication or other problem with the relationship, it can detrimentally impact the ultimate settlement of a traumatic brain injury case.

Benefits of Working with a Firm

There are resource benefits of working with a firm. Since traumatic brain injury cases are complex, it is helpful to have a law firm with the resources to properly prosecute such cases. Traumatic brain injury cases often rely on medical treatment from doctors as well as expert witnesses. This testimony can be expensive since all doctors will want to be compensated for the time spent testifying. If an individual lawyer does not have the resources to fully prosecute a traumatic brain injury case, it may result in a substandard recovery. A law firm must dedicate all the resources necessary in a traumatic brain injury case in order to ensure a top recovery for the client.

Building a TBI Case

An experienced TBI attorney will make sure that the injured claimant’s interests are always first. From the initial phone call from the claimant who has sustained a traumatic brain injury, all through the resolution of the case, a lawyer will take the time to ensure that the best result is obtained.

The TBI attorney will discuss the facts of the case and provide guidance and answer questions they may have. An educated and informed claimant is important in order to make the best recovery possible. This starts with the preliminary investigation and continues throughout the course of litigation. The facts of an accident, as well as the injuries themselves, may differ, but a client’s interests are always first.

In a traumatic brain injury case, there are many things that the lawyer will do that will not necessarily be evident to the injured individual. There are certain aspects of the case that require the claimant’s participation. This includes answering written interrogatories and participating in a deposition.

Additionally, there is a substantial investigation that needs to be thoroughly completed in a traumatic brain injury case. A traumatic brain injury lawyer will also analyze the medical records and treatment following a catastrophic injury. All of these things are important in the case, even though the individual may not be aware they are being done. It is essential to build and present the strongest case possible when faced with a TBI.

Upfront Costs for a Consultation

In all personal injury cases, including traumatic brain injury cases, there is no upfront fee payable to the lawyer. Traumatic brain injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they are only paid if there is a recovery. If there is no recovery, there is no attorney’s fee. An attorney is compensated a percentage of the overall recovery. This is paid by the insurance company at the end of the case.

What if The Case is Not Successful?

Even if the case is not successful, a contingency fee lawyer who accepts a traumatic brain injury case is only paid if there is a recovery. Additionally, a lawyer will advance the expenses for the lawsuit. The expenses can include the court filing fee and expert witness fees, as well as medical records. If there is no recovery, the lawyer does not get paid any fee, and the attorney loses the money they spent for the expenses. Given this payment scenario, most lawyers will not take a case unless they believe there is a good likelihood of making a recovery. If there is no recovery, the lawyer loses not only the value of their time but also the out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the case.

Call a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney for Help Today

Traumatic brain injuries make lawyers so committed to helping their injured individuals because the attorneys understand the severity of the injury and the complexities of these types of cases. A brain injury is one of the most severe type of injury that can occur following the negligence of another individual. Since the injuries can be so serious, a lawyer needs to investigate every possible angle in order to document and prove the TBI for their clients. Call today to learn about what to expect during an initial consultation with an Oak Lawn traumatic brain injury attorney.