Andy Zarycki

Every firm has one, the guy who keeps track of the numbers. Andy is our firm’s bookkeeping specialist, and he is truly adept at keeping our firm running smoothly in the black as they say. However, Andy has another side to him that isn’t about numbers at all. He is all about the outdoors and loves any truly authentic-styled food choices. He just simply appreciates a good meal.
We honestly don’t know which is the better storyline:
The fact that he was solid in his dislike for cats, until somehow a cat named Midnight managed to completely steal his heart.
The fact that the other tug on his heartstring is a twin! Either way, it’s fun and we love it.
Andy says when he isn’t playing with the two loves of his life, he is focused intently on building his accounting business. His claim to fame is looking beyond the bank statement and helping firms like ours identify holes in their books. He says it is the key to helping manage sophisticated cash flow systems. Our firm values personal relationships, and he proudly says he looks up to our Managing Partner, Michael McCready, as both a mentor and a friend.
A big fan of the 70’s rock and roll genre, tall, and handsome, Andy presents like a professional NBA player. Oddly enough, that is what he wanted to be when he grew up, but says he still loves playing the game as one of his hobbies. He is ridiculously kind-hearted and without hesitation says his Mother is his real-life hero. Need we say more?