As one of our case managers, Cristina handles the day-to-day intricacies of your case. She works with you from the completion of intake until your file is handed over to an attorney or the demand letter is sent. She is always working behind the scenes with insurance adjusters and medical professionals making sure your case is on track, your questions are answered, and your worries are put to rest.

Born in Ecuador and transplanted to the U.S. in her teenage years, Cristina has called Miami, Florida home ever since. The city’s many beaches are her happy place, but you might also catch her exploring the zoo with her kids, reveling in their shared love for animals. But she isn’t just confined to the Magic City; she’s a globetrotter at heart. With passport stamps from the likes of Russia, Argentina, and Peru (yes, she conquered Machu Picchu!), Cristina collects memories like shot glasses and magnets, proving that for her, the climb to the top is always worth it.

She holds a degree in Graphic Design from SNHU. When she’s not crafting demand packages, she’s crafting memories with her two kids, painting together, and unleashing her creativity with Photoshop. Christmas cards, birthday invitations, and personalized water bottle tags? Consider it done – it’s her way of spreading joy among family and friends.

Her diverse taste in music mirrors her vibrant personality – from Hispanic Reggae like Cultura Profética to Adele and everything in between, she tunes in to whatever fits her mood. When it comes to movies, Cristina is a die-hard Tom Hanks fan. He is, in her eyes, the epitome of a true movie star. Whether it’s the emotional rollercoaster of “Saving Private Ryan” or the timeless charm of “Forrest Gump,” she’s seen them all and then some.

We are happy to have Cristina on our team!