Collecting Evidence for a Cicero Car Accident Case

In order to recover damages from a personal injury case, the plaintiff and their lawyer must provide evidence that the accident was the fault of the defendant. A jury will not award compensation unless they can be convinced of who is at fault, and the defendant’s insure company will not settle if they do not believe the plaintiff has the evidence to back up their claim.

As a result, collecting evidence is one of the most important tasks in a successful Cicero car accident case. It is in your best interest to reach out to a dependable attorney who could assist in collecting evidence and compiling it into a convincing argument during a trial.

The Importance of Collecting Evidence

A lawyer should begin the investigation by collecting evidence as soon as possible. Memories can fade and evidence can disappear if certain steps are not taken to preserve it. An experienced lawyer knows all of the steps necessary to protect the plaintiff’s interests and how to collect any evidence which may be needed. If evidence is lost, it can have an adverse effect on the ultimate outcome of the case.

What Kinds of Evidence Helps a Case?

Every case is different and the available evidence can vary on a case-by-case basis. However, with local car accidents, there are certain pieces of evidence that are especially important to collect. For example, a police report is an important source of information regarding the accident and the parties involved. Likewise, insurance documentation is needed when considering how to recover damages.

Documentation from doctors regarding medical treatment is also common evidence gathered in a car accident case. In less common occasions, there may be physical evidence such as damage to the vehicle, photographs, or even accident reconstructions. It is important to speak to a lawyer with experience in motor vehicle crashes as soon as possible to ensure that evidence is collected in a timely fashion.

What is the Process for Collecting Evidence?

A lawyer could attempt to obtain the police report and medical records through official communications. While those are the most obvious pieces of evidence, there may be other pieces which they have access to. Some intersections have red-light cameras, which can be obtained, but only for a short period of time after the accident. A lawyer will be in the best position to advise a person as to what evidence can be vital for proving their case.

Cooperation with the Plaintiff

While there are certain pieces of evidence which are common in every case, it is important that the plaintiff advises the attorney of exactly how the injuries have affected them. The injured party might be aware of evidence that the lawyer does not know to look for, meaning strong communication is essential. Representing someone after a car accident requires cooperation between the attorney and the plaintiff.

Assembling Evidence into an Argument

It is important to collect evidence after a car crash as soon as possible. Some evidence will be unavailable if there is a time delay, but a case is an ongoing process, and the lawyer could continue to obtain evidence as the case progresses. Typically, a lawyer will want evidence of the sustained injuries and the impact it has had on the individual’s life. Evidence can come in many forms and they will do their best to obtain as much helpful evidence as possible.

It is important to do a thorough investigation and collect as much evidence as possible following a car crash in Cicero. While not all evidence might be used in court, it is advisable to exhaust all possible investigative means in order to make a thorough recovery. What is ultimately presented in court will likely be a small fraction of the information collected throughout the case. However, it is important to preserve all relevant information because there always remains a possibility that it could be brought into the case later.

It is the responsibility of the lawyer to present the case in the best possible light for a judge or jury, with the goal of obtaining the highest possible recovery.

Find an Attorney to Help Collect Evidence in a Cicero Car Accident Case

While the injured individual plays a key role in gathering evidence, the attorney has access to official documents and should be experienced enough to know what to look for. The quicker this evidence is acquired, the better the chance at recovering compensation. Speak to a lawyer now to discuss collecting evidence for a Cicero car accident case.