Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident in Oak Lawn

hey There are several steps individuals should take following a pedestrian accident in Oak Lawn. First, individuals should call 911 and emergency services. Next, individuals should check on the health and safety of the person who was hit and others involved. Frequently, pedestrians sustain serious injuries when they are struck by cars. If possible, it is best to take pictures of the scene and collect phone numbers of all witnesses. A skilled pedestrian accident attorney could help you from the beginning. It is best to speak to an experienced lawyer to learn about the steps to take after a pedestrian accident in Oak Lawn.

Call 911 and Emergency Services

After any accident, but particularly one involving a pedestrian, it is essential to call the police and medical services. The police will create a report which will have all the information concerning each of the parties involved. It will also include any insurance information for the car driver.

Finally, a police officer will document statements from the people involved and witnesses, and this can be crucial evidence in any legal case involving a pedestrian. The police report will serve as an official record of what occurred in the pedestrian accident.

The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention

After a pedestrian accident, it is important to seek prompt medical attention. Even if they do not feel like they are hurt, t checked out by a doctor or in the emergency room. Sometimes, injuries take time to develop.

If there is no prompt medical attention following a pedestrian injury, an insurance company may take the position that any injuries are not related to the accident. For this reason, it is essential to seek medical attention. Additionally, seeking medical attention could ensure there are no injuries which are not readily apparent.

Follow-Up Medical Treatment

After a pedestrian accident, individuals should follow all medical advice. If a doctor recommends a course of treatment, it is important to follow through with that recommendation. Failure to follow a doctor’s advice can be used against the pedestrian in any case against the motor vehicle.

Additionally, if a doctor recommends a course of treatment, there is a reason why they are suggesting this for the person’s health benefit. Following up with medical treatment could help an individual regain their health after a pedestrian accident.

Collecting Evidence Following a Collision

Following a pedestrian accident, individuals should gather as much investigative material as possible. While still on the scene, photographs or video can be important evidence in any case involving a pedestrian accident.

After a pedestrian accident, there should be a police report. However, sometimes there will not be one. A pedestrian needs to have information to identify the car and driver who struck them. With cellphones having cameras, the easiest way to document this information is to take a photo of the license and insurance card of the driver. It is also helpful to take a picture of the license plate and any damage to the vehicle.

Finally, photos should be taken of the scene itself. Photographs of the location of the vehicle, of the roadway, and of any injury can be used later in a court case or insurance claim. Once the parties leave the scene, the ability to gather this evidence is gone. It is always best to document how an accident occurred as well as what injuries resulted from it.

What Should One Do If the Driver Flees the Scene?

After a pedestrian accident, hopefully, the driver who caused the accident will stop and render first aid and provide their information. However, experience teaches us that sometimes people will flee the scene. If a pedestrian is struck by a car that flees the scene, it is best to collect as must information as possible to identify the vehicle.

If they obtain the license plate or description of the vehicle, the police may be able to apprehend the car which fled the scene. However, if there is no way to identify the vehicle which fled the scene, the case may become an uninsured motorist claim.

An uninsured motorist claim is also covered in a hit and run accident. It is best to consult with an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer if someone is struck by a car that flees the scene.

Speak to a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today

It is advisable to contact a lawyer following a pedestrian accident as soon as possible. Since personal injury lawyers do not charge any fee upfront, it does not cost money to hire a personal injury lawyer. The sooner that a lawyer can work on the case, the better the outcome will be.

An experienced Oak Lawn pedestrian accident lawyer will be able to advise the person as to traps and pitfalls, which may negatively influence their case. A lawyer could also coordinate medical treatment stemming from injuries in a pedestrian accident. Additionally, an attorney could deal with the insurance company. Insurance adjusters do not look out for the interests of injured pedestrians but instead, look out for the profit and bottom line for their insurance companies.

An experienced pedestrian accident could help you seek compensation for all of your damages and injuries. Call today to learn more about the steps to take after a pedestrian accident in Oak Lawn and how an attorney could help your case.