Preparing For An Oak Lawn Paralysis Injury Case

An experienced lawyer will begin to prepare for a paralysis case as soon as possible. There are many sections for a case. First, the lawyer must investigate all the facts regarding liability. Liability is the determination if someone else is at fault. A prompt investigation is always important.

The seasoned paralysis injury attorney needs to document the extent of the injuries and paralysis as soon as possible. A picture or video is worth a thousand words in a court case. With sufficient rehabilitation, the paralysis could improve. However, it is important to document the progression of the condition to best show it to the jury. Speak to a knowledgeable attorney to learn about the steps to take when preparing for an Oak Lawn paralysis injury case.

Collecting and Presenting Evidence for a Paralysis Injury Case

Almost anything could qualify as evidence in a paralysis case. While every case is different, there are certain exhibits that are extremely helpful. Photographs and videos, which display the impact the paralysis has on an individual, are very moving to a jury. Photographs and videos taken before the injury to show what the person’s prior level of activity was prior to the paralysis could also be important. If the claimant uses any assistive devices, such as a wheelchair, a cane, or a walker, these could all be used as exhibits in a paralysis injury case. If there are other devices that assist the paralyzed individual to function, a lawyer would want to demonstrate these as an exhibit in front of the jury.

Evidence could also be testimony from witnesses. Evidence could be documents, such as medical records or receipts. Evidence could also be photographs or videos. Each of these types of evidence is used to build a complete picture of the facts of the case as well as the injuries. An attorney must be able to explain to the jury the exact nature and extent of the injuries. When someone is paralyzed, it requires much more documentary exhibits to get the jury to understand the magnitude of the injury. Lawyers would work very carefully with the injured party to gather this type of evidence. The more persuasive the evidence of paralysis is in a legal case, the more likely there would be a satisfactory outcome. When the case is complete, the jury should have a clear picture of what happened and how the injured party is surviving.

How Is Evidence Used to Establish Liability in a Paralysis Case?

Evidence is used to establish liability in a paralysis case. With all personal injury cases, including paralysis, the first thing a lawyer must establish is liability. Liability means that someone else caused or contributed to the injury sustained. If there is no liability, there is no recovery, regardless of the extent of the paralysis. An experience paralysis lawyer could document everything needed to establish liability. Sometimes a case could be more than one person’s fault. In such circumstances, a jury could apportion fault between several individuals, including the plaintiff. If the plaintiff is more than 50 percent at-fault for causing their injuries, there is no recovery. This is called contributory negligence.

What If No One Is At Fault?

If the injury is no one’s fault, and as a result of an accident, there would not be an avenue to make a recovery for that person. Sometimes an accident is no one’s fault. Other times the accident is the fault of the person who was injured. The law says that if a defendant is negligent and causes injury to someone else, the defendant is liable for the injuries. If there is no one at-fault, there would be no liability and no recovery.

Obtaining a Long-Term Life Insurance Plan

A lawyer could help a paralyzed person obtain a long-term life insurance plan. Because of the permanent nature of paralysis, there are many factors of which an experienced lawyer would be able to advise the claimant. Even if there is a substantial settlement, it is likely that the injured party would have ongoing medical needs in the future. Planning for these future expenses is very important.

An experienced catastrophic lawyer would be able to assist in this process. Another aspect that a paralyzed individual should consider is life insurance. It may be more difficult to obtain a favorable rate for life insurance if the individual suffers from some form of paralysis. However, the lawyer would be able to assist in getting their policy activated.

Seek Help from an Oak Lawn paralysis injury attorney

There are many things an attorney could do to help the injured claimant and prepare for a paralysis case. The main role of an attorney is to help the injured claimant recover compensation for their damages and injuries. In order to recover compensation for damages, the attorney needs to prove that the defendant is the cause of the accident. Call today to learn about the nuances of preparing for an Oak Lawn paralysis injury case.