Damages in Indianapolis Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful death lawsuits provide loved ones with the opportunity to pursue justice on behalf of a deceased family member. Although no amount of money will replace the life lost, these awards can provide financial support and justice during a difficult time.

State law takes a unique approach to damages in Indianapolis wrongful death cases. Available remedies depend on the decedent’s age and their relationship with surviving loved ones. A compassionate accidental death attorney could determine the facts of a case and answer your questions concerning compensation.

Remedies Following the Death of a Child

When it comes to recoverable damages in a wrongful fatality lawsuit in Indianapolis, the outcome can be different for juvenile decedents compared to adults. Children do not have dependents, but their relationship with their parents cannot be understated.

A parent could recover damages for missing companionship, services, and love of their child. They could also recoup healthcare costs or outstanding debts related to the loss.

In addition, counseling coverage is available. When a lawsuit is successful, the cost of treatment may be included not only for the parents but also for juvenile siblings who are struggling with the passing.

When Adults are Unmarried

It is important to note that the potential compensation for an Indianapolis wrongful death action of an adult varies depending on family ties. Specifically, a lawsuit based on the passing of an unmarried person can lead to different types of remedies compared to someone who is married with children.

When a person passes away without a spouse or dependents, the proceeds of an unjust death case will go to the parents. It is also possible for non-dependent children to qualify for compensation for final medical expenses, the losses of love and companionship, and funeral expenses.

Damages for funeral and burial costs are usually paid directly to the estate, with anything left over going to the surviving relatives. While remedies based on loss of companionship may be available, they are capped at $300,000.

man holding flowers at funeral

Decedents with Dependents

When the deceased person had dependents, survivors have the opportunity to seek additional compensation that might not be available otherwise. For starters, the law allows dependent children and spouses to pursue funeral costs and final medical expenses. What makes this unique is that survivors in wrongful death cases have the right to also recover other types of damages in Indianapolis.

For instance, they could be entitled to recoup the loss of the decedent’s future earnings. For a dependent, losing this person suddenly and unexpectedly can have a debilitating effect on their ability to care for themselves, especially if the deceased was the primary income provider.

The loss of this close relationship, such as missing the deceased person’s love and affection, can also factor into the value of a settlement. Additionally, children might recover damages based on the future care, guidance, or training they will no longer experience from their family member.

Learn About Pursuing Damages for a Wrongful Death Case in Indianapolis

There is no question that the passing of a loved one is one of the most challenging experiences someone will face. During this time, you should never have to worry about the minute details of handling a lawsuit. Let a dedicated lawyer advise you on potential damages in Indianapolis wrongful death cases. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation to see if we could help you obtain remedies for your loss.