Werner Truck Accident Lawyers

Werner Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents are traumatic events, causing numerous injuries, and sometimes, multiple vehicles. Picture this – you’re driving along the interstate, paying attention to the road ahead with your family in the back and passenger’s seat before, in a split second, a large truck comes off the shoulder road without any indicator lights to prepare you to react, smashing into your vehicle from the side. You are sent careening off the highway, into oncoming traffic on the other side of the road, before landing in a ditch, crushed car roof and all. You’ve suffered concussions, your family members are trapped in the wreckage, and panicked drivers are calling 911 as some rush to your vehicle in an attempt to help you and your loved ones. This may sound like the scene from a Hollywood movie, but these scenes happen hundreds of times across the state during any given year. Truck companies such as Werner Transportation feature heavily in these crashes, and from their track record, it seems that this won’t change for the near future.

Facts About Werner Transportation

Werner Transportation is a company based out of Omaha, Nebraska which bears the name of Werner Enterprises, Inc. as its official company name. It employs 9,795 drivers, and is approved as an interstate carrier company. It rivals the likes of UPS, JB Hunt, Swift, Schneider and other major trucking companies when it comes to mileage driven per year, with the company’s drivers clocking 10,000 more milers than drivers employed by the other aforementioned companies.

Werner Transportation Truck Accidents – A Checkered Past

Werner has a checkered past when it comes to truck accidents – it has caused 3,250 accidents over the last 5 years, and more than 350 of its drivers have received service hour violations with regard to vehicle operation. A fact that’s not known by the general public is that driver fatigue boosts the likelihood of accidents occurring due to poor cognition, and truck drivers are especially vulnerable to this on account of the long distances they cover as well as the hours they are required to work. In addition, 15 percent of all Werner Enterprises vehicles were did not pass safety inspections over a 2-year period, which earned them minor infractions.

According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Werner Transportation has been involved in accidents that have caused 30 fatalities and 286 serious injuries in just 24 months for the period ending in December 2017. It has also been involved in 994 crashes, but has suspiciously received a satisfactory rating by the same federal transport body. This is a case of a company knowing the law well as well as doing the minimum to coast through and stay out of trouble and in business.

The Truth About Trucking Accidents Involving Werner Transportation in Chicago

Here’s what most people fail to realize when they are involved in an accident with a mega corporation such as Werner Transportation: this company looks as crashes and fatalities as the cost of doing business. They also probably have factored in what it would take for lawsuits involving them and Chicago car accident victims to go away, treating you and your family as just an inconvenience to be flicked away like annoying insects. This callous disregard for human pain and suffering doesn’t stop here.

Tricks Trucking Accidents Play To Avoid Paying Your Claim

Werner Transportation may try to absolve themselves of blame, or make it seem that you were partially responsible by having their attorneys dig up your less-than-perfect driving records, citing things like a ticket you received in the past or the fact that you have a medical condition which may have made it likely for you to make fatal errors while driving. They may also botch evidence, and have their attorneys rush to the scene of the accident or the hospital where you are receiving treatment in order to extract a statement out of you which they can later use during litigation to prove that you had a role to play in the accident. They may even go as far as stating that they have a right to a statement, or approach you under the guise that they are just trying to help you get your hospital bills paid.

The Stakes Are High – You Deserve Fair Compensation

There is a lot at stake when it comes to trucking accidents involving Werner Transportation in Chicago. Million dollar settlements as well as other drivers coming out of the woodwork may eat into the company’s profits, so it is important that you get in touch with a lawyer that handles Werner Transportation accident claims in Chicago in a timely manner to safeguard your interests and a substantial amount of compensation.

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