Michigan City Child Injury Lawyer

Children learn from experience, so they often try to explore their surroundings and push their boundaries. Kids also do not always recognize danger, which is why it is critical that they surround themselves with trusted caregivers who can look out for their safety and well-being by minimizing potentially hazardous situations.

Some childhood injuries are inevitable but many could be avoided if adults act responsibly. When they do not, a reliable personal injury lawyer knows how to take the next step.

If your child suffered harm as a result of someone else’s wrongdoing, a Michigan City child injury lawyer might be able to help you pursue compensation for your child’s injuries and other losses.

Typical Causes of Children’s Injuries

Children can suffer serious harm for a wide range of reasons, from bicycle accidents to medical malpractice, many of which come out of adult negligence.

Automobile Crashes

Car wrecks or pedestrian incidents can cause life-altering physical and emotional injuries to a child. Some children leave car crashes with permanent mobility changes or scarring. Other children experience debilitating post-traumatic stress and need psychological therapy to even get back in a car.

Negligent Supervision Injuries

While parents are at work, someone else needs to watch their children, such as daycare centers, babysitters, and other caregivers. However, when caretakers become distracted and fail to adequately supervise the kids, children can get into dangerous situations. For instance, if a babysitter leaves the room and a child climbs to the top of a bookcase, that child could suffer a serious fall. The babysitter might be legally responsible for those injuries because they had a duty to watch the child and were negligent in their supervision.

School Injuries

Children can suffer severe harm in schools. Falls due to defective or broken playground equipment, slippery floors, or broken handrails can result in a wide range of injuries. In some circumstances, schools can be legally responsible for injuries a child suffers in a schoolyard fight if the school fails to supervise the children and break up the fight.

Defective Products

Children’s products should be safe for their intended use and audience. Toys, cribs, car seats, and other children’s products should undergo rigorous testing. If these products cause harm to a child, a lawyer could look into filing a claim against the product’s manufacturer or retailer.

Premises Liability

What might seem like an obvious danger in someone’s yard might not seem that way to a child. Landowners have a duty to protect children from wandering into a dangerous situation, such as an unfenced swimming pool or defective playground equipment. They could even be liable if a dog bites a child.

Regardless of how a child is injured, there should be answers and accountability. A child accident lawyer in Michigan City could help a family determine what happened and who is legally at fault.

Potential Damages in a Child Injury Claim

A seasoned attorney could fight for a family’s right to recover damages for everything their child has lost due to the injury. The family could pursue recovery of their current and future medical expenses, including nursing or rehabilitation care. If the child needs specialized care or alternative schooling, a Michigan City attorney could help the family request it in a compensation package. They could also seek damages for their child’s pain and suffering, mental anguish, and lost quality of life.

Work With a Michigan City Child Injury Attorney

Children often face challenging and lengthy recoveries when they experience a major accident. Some children never fully recover. When someone else’s actions are behind your child’s injury, your family deserves justice.

If your child has suffered because of someone else’s wrongful actions, work with a Michigan City child injury lawyer to learn what you can do to fight back.