Hammond Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

There is no simple rule to determine fault in a front-end car wreck. A common misconception is that the driver who strikes something head-on is responsible for damages. However, this is not always true under Indiana law.

If another driver operated a vehicle recklessly, they may be wholly or partially responsible for the accident. Let a skilled car wreck attorney help your case.

If you or a loved one were injured in a front-end accident, you may be entitled to compensation. A Hammond front-end car accident lawyer could investigate your accident and help you hold a negligent motorist accountable for their actions.

Understanding Traffic Laws in Hammond

Sometimes, drivers move at dangerously low speeds on highways. This can sometimes contribute to front-end collisions on the part of motorists at the rear.

Per Indiana Code 9-21-5-8, all drivers must maintain minimum speeds. Generally, these thresholds are based on the posted maximum speed limit. Drivers who are stationary on a roadway or traveling below the minimum speed may share partial fault in a front-end wreck.

All motorists are expected to keep their car and all of its parts in good working order. For example, if a driver has faulty brake lights, the trailing driver may be unable to prevent a collision.

Additionally, sometimes drivers decelerate recklessly on the roadway. In some cases, these individuals may be liable for the accident. A knowledgeable Hammond front-end car collision attorney could review the facts of the case and determine which party may be responsible for damages.

Damages in Front-End Car Crashes

Front-end crashes can be extremely dangerous for all parties involved. The lurch caused by head-on accidents can cause severe neck, spinal, and back problems for drivers and passengers.

After an accident, drivers may be entitled to compensation for damages. Their damages may be economic and non-economic.

Economic damages can be established with medical bills and employment records. These documents can help show the cost of the incident in terms of dollars and cents.

On the other hand, non-economic damages can be more challenging to prove. Trauma, both physical and mental, can be grounds for non-economic damages. In addition, individuals who suffer a loss of consortium may be able to recover compensation as well.

A diligent front-end car accident lawyer in Hammond could evaluate the plaintiff’s losses and help them recover compensation that covers the full value of their damages.

Shared Fault in Car Accidents

Indiana law allows for plaintiffs to seek compensation for damages, even if they are partially at fault for the accident. Per Indiana Code 34-51-2-5, drivers who are partially responsible for a crash have “contributory fault.”

During the lawsuit, the jury will assign each party a percentage of responsibility for the accident. If the percentage is between zero and fifty, the individual may be able to recoup damages. Drivers with a contributory fault of 51 percent or more are ineligible to recover damages.

The plaintiff’s compensation award will be reduced by their percentage of fault. A seasoned attorney could use evidence to prove the defendant’s negligence is the cause of the collision.

Reach Out to a Hammond Front-End Car Accident Attorney

Due to the complexity of car accidents, it could be difficult to determine which party is at fault for the collision. Fortunately, an experienced attorney could help your case. They could investigate the accident, collect evidence, calculate your losses, and help you seek compensation from the responsible party.

Let a Hammond front-end car accident lawyer advocate on your behalf and help you hold the negligent party accountable for their actions. Call today to discuss your case.