Bicycle Safety and Preventative Measures in Cook County

Cook County is home to many cyclists who ride daily for recreation and transportation. Unfortunately, the road can be crowded and dangerous, and cyclists are at risk of countless hazards.

Taking proactive steps to protect yourself can significantly reduce your chances of a crash. The following tips for bicycle safety and preventative measures in Cook County could help. However, when accidents happen, you could benefit from discussing your rights with a dedicated biking collision attorney.

Double Check Your Safety Gear

The law does not require cyclists to wear a helmet, but it is a good idea to do so. Most fatal bike wrecks involve head trauma, and protective gear can shield the skull and dramatically reduce the risk of brain damage.

In addition to helmets, cyclists can use other safety equipment to minimize harm. Bicycles should have front and back reflectors visible from at least 500 feet in the dark, and a headlight is essential for night riders.

Obey Traffic Laws

Bikes are not considered motor vehicles, but riders must still comply with most traffic laws. These requirements allow cyclists to safely share the road with larger cars and trucks without getting in an accident.

Bicyclists must obey traffic control devices, like stop signs and red lights. They must also signal with their hands to indicate a turn and use the appropriate side of the road.

Some safety tips are straightforward, like never allowing someone to ride on the handlebars and watching out for pedestrians. Contact a seasoned personal injury lawyer for more information on Cook County bike safety and preventative precautions.

Be a Defensive Rider

A good cyclist should be aggressively defensive, meaning they are constantly aware of their surroundings and watching out for potential threats.

The reality is that drivers and truckers will not always pay attention, and because bikes are much smaller, they are easy to miss in heavy traffic and busy intersections. It is crucial for everyone on the road to not only drive safely but actively avoid accidents.

Motorists do not always comply with the law, whether due to reckless driving or negligence. Be vigilant when riding and never enter a roadway or intersection, assuming that other drivers are paying attention.

Similarly, cyclists should be aware of their surroundings. Take note of surrounding cars, moving vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycle lanes. Being aware of these details could be the most effective way to avoid a crash, and overall, Cook County cyclists must ride defensively to protect their safety and prevent collisions.

Avoid Hazards

Some busy streets and intersections are dangerous, as high volumes of cars and trucks increase the risk of a wreck. When possible, choose a different route instead of traveling down roads known for having hazardous turns or limited visibility.

Darkness is another risk factor worth avoiding. Accidents are more likely to occur at night when visibility is at its lowest, so riding during the day is the safest option – and any nighttime riding should involve reflective clothing.

Learn More About Cook County Bicycle Safety and Preventative Measures

When you ride your bike out in public, your health and well-being should be your top priorities. These bicycle safety and preventative measures in Cook County are only some of the steps you could take to protect yourself from a crash.

If you are hurt in a cycling accident, now is the time to seek legal advice. Call right away to schedule a private consultation with our team today.