Evergreen Park Defective Products Lawyer

Modern day consumers have the benefit of enhanced product regulations and quality control, resulting in much safer products than in years past. Unfortunately, sometimes dangerous and defective products manage to slip through the cracks and make their way into unsuspecting consumers’ homes. Every year, these hazardous products hurt and even kill people.

If a dangerous product harmed you or your family member, you might have a viable case for compensation in a lawsuit. An Evergreen Park defective products lawyer could examine your particular case and help you pursue damages from the responsible party. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney today to get started.

Common Types of Defective Products

Although any dangerous product that causes an injury can be the basis of a lawsuit, product liability suits most commonly involve the following types of products:

  • Automobiles and their parts, including seat belts, tires, airbags, brakes, and children’s car seats
  • Medical devices
  • Children’s products, including toys, safety gates, and highchairs
  • Clothing with defects in fire resistance or improper construction
  • Contaminated food
  • Cosmetics with harmful chemicals
  • Machinery and tools
  • Prescription or over the counter medication

An Evergreen Park defective products attorney has experience with cases involving many different kinds of faulty products. They understand how these lawsuits work. When pursuing a claim, they give it their full attention, support, and time. They are not afraid to stand up to large manufacturing companies and their insurance companies, and fight hard to get injured people the compensation they deserve.

Types of Product Defects

An Evergreen Park defective products lawyer could look at the facts of a proposed case and let an injured person know if it is worth their time to pursue a legal claim. Not all defective products claims are the same. Defects can occur in products at different stages of the manufacturing, marketing, and retail process.

Design Defects

Some products have fundamental design problems. Even when a consumer correctly uses the product, the product could still cause a problem because the design is inherently faulty. An example of a product with a design flaw would be a curling iron that melts when turned to its highest setting. Every curling iron built according to the faulty design would have the same defect.

Manufacturing Defects

Some products with safe designs become dangerous when they are manufactured incorrectly. This can occur when a manufacturing company decides to cut corners by using a cheaper, more readily available material. Human error can also cause manufacturing defects, such as when unskilled or inexperienced workers assemble a product incorrectly. Not all products in a product line would necessarily have a manufacturing defect.

Marketing Defects

Not every product is easy to operate. Some products are complicated to figure out. Manufacturers must include adequate instructions so that consumers know how to use the product safely. If the product is dangerous, manufacturing companies need to warn consumers of the possible risk and how to minimize that risk. Manufacturers also need to consider reasonable misuses of their products and advertise them with that warning.

Breach of Warranty

Manufacturers can be responsible when their product does not meet consumers’ reasonable expectations. If manufacturers specifically make claims in their advertising or a written warranty and the product fails to meet those claims, they could be in breach of that warranty. If that breach also causes harm to a consumer, that consumer could pursue a legal claim.

Evergreen Park attorneys could review the facts of a claimant’s injury to help them understand what type of potential product liability claim they could file.

Work with an Evergreen Park Defective Products Attorney

Product liability cases are not easy to pursue. They require an in-depth understanding of complex manufacturing regulations and procedures, as well as a detailed understanding of the law. Working with an Evergreen Park defective products lawyer could be essential to winning your case.

An experienced attorney could investigate your injury and work hard to get you the financial relief that you need. Let them handle the legal stress while you focus on recovering. Reach out today.