Guadalupe Delgado

Guadalupe DelgadoGuadalupe functions as one of our firm’s bilingual Case Managers. Not only is she ridiculously competent, but also contributes a beautiful vibrance and positive enthusiasm to our daily routines. She exhibits a strong passion for the law with aspirations of becoming a paralegal. Proudly, Guadalupe boasts a college degree and is the first in her family to do so. With strong Hispanic family roots, she looked to her Grandmother for inspiration and strength. She takes the strength part seriously and makes sure she hits the gym at least six days a week.

Guadalupe DelgadoFamily takes center stage for Guadalupe and she is a hands-on true-to-life Godmother to her nephew. Guadalupe’s family is rich with Hispanic traditions and lots of love. They gather often and celebrate one another as often as possible. She even says superstitions plays a large role in the daily routines of family life. We at the firm were a little curious about increasing our “luck-factor”, so if you see Guadalupe rearranging office furniture in a certain pattern – it is to avoid any superstitious hocus-pocus from ruining our chances at success!

It is no surprise to know Guadalupe’s hair color is subject to change as often as the weather and may or may not match her work-out attire. Turns out that quirky is synonymous with magical. Never mind, if we are tempted to create the perfect rooftop employee lounge to keep her content (She also has a thing for rooftop lounges); It would be well worth the investment – She is an amazing team-member, and we are lucky to have her!