Alicia Alonso

Alicia is a true renaissance woman. She speaks multiple languages, is well-traveled and moonlights as a make-up artist in her spare time. How excited are we that we have someone to help advise on us our personal skin care routines! In all seriousness, Alicia is a very compelling young woman and a perfect fit for our firm.

She is native to Chicago, but moved away for a period of time to Florida. Later, she found her way to back to our windy city. She says she truly loves how diverse the city is and is happy to again call it home. We are glad she did as her functionality at the firm is important to our overall success. Her role in our firm is case manager and it entails skillfully nurturing the flow of case continuity. This may include confirming treatment plans, case status updates, and other detailed case related applications.

Alicia loves telling the story of her skydiving experience. She recalls how symbolic it was to abandon those unsubstantiated fears in life that keep us from living our best lives. She says it is important to model this type of courage to her young daughter. Alicia is very much a family person and that caring personality extends itself to our clients. We know they appreciate her kind nature, as do we.

In her spare time, she can be found spending time with her family or tending to her animals. She loves animals and even had inclinations to want to become a veterinarian when she was growing up. She also loves to read autobiographies and crime dramas. If you get in the car with her, you may find yourself crooning alongside her to a few of her favorite country inspired ballads – good times for sure!

On a personal note, if you bring Alicia flowers – make them daisies. She loves daises because they remind her of her Mom. It is rare to find this level of authenticity; our firm is very fortunate. Lastly, Alicia insists that moisturizer is your best bet against aging skin. You’re welcome 🙂

Recognitions and Certifications