Calumet City Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Losing the ability to move and feel in your limbs can alter your life. You might be unable to return to your job, which could leave you worried about your financial situation. You might need ongoing medical care and therapy, or must make significant adaptations in your everyday life.

If your paralysis occurred because of another person’s negligence or careless actions, you should contact a catastrophic injury lawyer to answer your questions. A Calumet City paralysis injury lawyer could evaluate your legal options and represent you in your pursuit of compensation.

Explaining Paralysis Injuries

Paralysis can occur through a medical condition or injury, and most civil claims arise out of sudden spinal cord damage. When a patient suffers trauma to their spinal cord, their brain can no longer send signals to the nerves that run down the spine telling their body parts what to do.

Location of the Damage

The location of the damage on the spinal cord determines what parts of the body are paralyzed. Generally, the higher the area of the spinal trauma, the greater the extent of the paralysis. For instance, when a patient suffers damage to their upper spine, they might be unable to move anything below their neck. When the injury occurs to the lower spine, the patient’s arms might retain full functioning, but their legs and lower body could be paralyzed.

Severity of the Damage

The severity of the spinal cord trauma also impacts the injury’s severity. Some patients suffer complete spinal injuries, which means they have no feelings or motor control below the area of the spinal damage. Other patients suffer incomplete injuries and retain limited motor control and sensation.

Dedicated Calumet City attorneys understand how traumatic all types of paralysis can be for both the survivor and their entire family. A compassionate legal team could work tirelessly and aggressively to help an injured person obtain fair compensation.

Aftermath of a Paralyzing Accident

Paralysis injuries immediately change people’s lives. People with paralysis might need to relearn how to do daily tasks in a different way, and may be unable to participate in sports and other activities they always enjoyed. Some paralysis injury survivors must experience the following changes:

  • Renovate their home with ramps and other accommodations to make it more handicapped accessible, or relocate to a home that is easier to live in
  • Purchasing a wheelchair and other mobility aids
  • Buying a wheelchair-accessible van
  • Undergoing physical therapy and rehabilitation to prevent muscular atrophy
  • Undergoing occupational therapy to learn how to accomplish daily tasks
  • Making time for repeated doctors’ appointments
  • Arranging for help with daily tasks around the house and self-care
  • Arranging for help with childcare
  • Finding a new job they can perform with their changed circumstances
  • Undergoing emotional therapy to learn to cope with what has happened

All of these changes cost a great deal of money. A Calumet City lawyer has experience helping paralysis injury survivors quantify precisely how much their injury has cost them.

Meet With a Calumet City Paralysis Injury Lawyer

After losing the ability to move one or more limbs, you probably require extensive immediate medical treatment. Unfortunately, you might also need continuing medical care and rehabilitation throughout your life.

If somebody’s negligence or recklessness led to your paralysis, you deserve justice. The at-fault party should be held accountable for what they have done. Meet with a Calumet City paralysis injury lawyer to begin fighting back. Let McCready Law fight for a recovery that helps make a difference in your life.