What to do after a car accident

What to Do After a Car Accident Strikes “It will never happen to me. I’ll never get sick, lose a job, get a divorce, or have an auto accident.” That’s what we all silently say, but we do ourselves no good when we refuse to deal with life’s unpleasant realities. This article won’t help you […]

Drag racing kills husband and wife

McCready Law has been retained by the children of a family who tragically lost their mother and father in a car accident. On August 27, 2015, Chrise Davis-Jones and her husband Less Jones, III were driving home from church when a car ran a stop sign, slamming into the side of the Jones’ mini van. […]

Hit and Run Drivers Pose a Serious Threat

Hit and Run Drivers Pose a Serious Threat It was as if Hoover Dam dumped its cargo into the night when an exhausted office manager, Oliver Pope, drove home from a long day at the office. He lost control, hit a newspaper boy and fled. Sadly, the boy died. A witness identified an innocent person […]

Driverless cars – What the future holds

No doubt you’ve heard about Google’s “driverless car” that travels along the crowded highways and byways of America without the assistance of you, me or anyone else. Pretty impressive, no? Yes, but not quite as monumental as this. About 500 years ago there appeared upon the scene a singular genius named Isaac Newton. That scientist didn’t […]

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