Drugs are commonly viewed as powerful resources that may have tremendously positive effects on a person’s life. However, some drugs fail to function as they were intended and may cause incredibly dangerous side effects. When this occurs, the pharmaceutical could qualify this as a dangerous drug. Contact a dedicated Cicero dangerous drug lawyer who is familiar with pursuing complicated cases regarding pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers.

It could be difficult to show a connection between a pharmaceutical medication and an existing health condition. Talking to an experienced personal injury lawyer could help a person demonstrate how their lives may have been negatively influenced by taking the medication. En Español.

Potential Qualities of a Dangerous Drug

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is typically responsible for inspecting drugs for potential hazards and upholding quality standards for potential consumers. However, this does not exclude drugs approved by the FDA from being harmful or dangerous. Despite FDA approval, a dangerous drug could have:

  • Flaws in its labeling
  • Side effects that are not listed on the packaging
  • Long-term side effects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Misleading advertisements
  • No “reversal agent” or antidote

Dangerous Drug Laws in Cicero

A person could be taking certain medications for months or even years and slowly notice that they are causing negative effects. Prescription drug manufacturers may cut corners in the rush to get a new medication to market, or they may perform clinical trials with a flawed sample size that could produce inaccurate results.

If a doctor knowingly prescribes a medication that has a dangerous side effect and does not inform their patient, they could become the center of a lawsuit from a drug injury lawyer in Cicero. Bad reactions to a medication that has been recalled but already prescribed by a doctor could also bring a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Pharmaceutical Recalls

There are three common types of dangerous drug recalls as defined by the FDA. These may include:

  • Class I, where there is a likelihood of serious injury or death
  • Class II, where there is a chance of reversible injury or temporary side effects
  • Class III, where there is little chance of injury or permanent side effects

Talking with an attorney may help someone determine what kind of case they could file and how they may go about filing the claim. There are dozens of prescriptions recalled every year.

Someone who has been negatively impacted by a recalled drug may want to consider contacting a Cicero dangerous drugs lawyer to get more information on how to initiate a lawsuit. Typically, a person has a two year period where they can file a claim for a dangerous drug. If the harmed individual was a minor, the filing window may be extended.

Consult with a Cicero Dangerous Drugs Attorney

When taking a prescription or over-the-counter medicine as directed, a consumer should typically have the reasonable expectation that they will not incur harm. If you were injured, an attorney who is well-versed in personal injury cases could help advocate on your behalf. Schedule an appointment with a Cicero dangerous drugs lawyer who could review the aspects of the case and potentially provide representation in court. Call today to learn more.