Hip Labral Tear and Workers’ Compensation

A lot of people are of the mistaken opinion that hip injuries only happen to seniors because of their likelihood to fall as well as weaker or worn out joints. The reality, however, is that hip labral tears and associated injuries can happen to young and sprightly workers at any of the hundreds of thousands of businesses as well as across the country. As one of the country’s premier workers’ compensation attorneys, we’ve helped workers get the compensation they deserve after suffering a hip injury that was caused by someone else’s negligence. These types of injuries can limit your mobility, put you out of commission for weeks and may sometimes make it impossible for you to go back to work at the same capacity you were at prior to your injuries.

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Hip labral tears usually occur within the elastic, soft tissue which is typically found outside of the hip socket rim, at the joint area. The labrum is a biological “pocket” which holds the thighbone ball found at the top of your femur in position.

Here are some of the common symptoms of hip labral tear injuries:

  • Groin or hip pain
  • A clicking, locking or catching sensation or sound in the joint
  • Stiffness or an inability to fully flex the hip joint

Diagnosing and Treating Hip Labral Tear Injuries

When it comes to diagnosis, you’ll be required to undergo an X-Ray as well as an MRI or Magnetic resonance imaging to determine how severe the injury is, as well as the position of the hip ball. This is a pretty straightforward injury and it is usually treated by way of anti-inflammatory drugs like Naproxen and Ibuprofen. Patients are also advised to limit movement so the tear can fully heal – this may mean a period of rest of convalescence to achieve complete recovery. In addition, a physical therapist may be needed to help you learn and apply exercises to maximize your hip motion range as well as joint strength.

If you sustained severe injuries, you may have to undergo arthroscopic surgery where surgeons place small incisions in your skin and insert tools to repair the tear. Surgeons may elect to remove a torn labrum piece or sew it together if the tear wasn’t significant.

Average Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Torn Labrum

Hip labral tear workers’ compensation cases are complex, and no two cases are alike. As a law firm, we will have to examine the particulars of your case to give you more information on what you can expect as a hip labral tear settlement. Individuals who suffer these kinds of injuries do so due to repetitive motions and working in areas where liquids as well as obstacles on the floor or anywhere else in the building are commonplace. However, these two factors do not absolve building owners as well as employers of responsibility. The law states that all workers ought to be accorded a safe place within which they can carry out work duties, and they are owed a warning advising them of any potentially unsafe work areas.

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