How Should I Fill in Form CA-17 for Federal Workers’ Compensation?

In order to start receiving compensation as an injured federal worker, you are required to fill in certain key forms, with one of these being form CA-17. This is a form that is supposed to be filled in by both your supervisor and your treating physician which lets the government know the extent of your injury or disability so they are not only aware of your limitations, but also what you can qualify for with regard to postal worker compensation.

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Form CA- 17 : Side A

Form CA-17 is made of two sides: side A, and side B. The first side is typically filled in by your supervisor who will indicate the types of actions you carry out on a daily basis as well as how long you carry out these activities on a daily basis. For instance, the supervisor may indicate the weight of goods or packages you carry or lift daily, and if you do so either sporadically or throughout the day. In addition, your supervisor will provide an account of how your injuries occurred, which parts of your body were hurt, and any other work requirements that may not have been written down in form CA-17.

Side B

Side B is supposed to be filled out by your physician, who will indicate the diagnosis, if the injury is concurrent with the information your provider gave in his or her section, write out his or her clinical findings, if you can return to work and perform your duties as assigned, and so on. If they give you the green light to go back to work, they must be clear when it comes to specifying how much weight you can carry or lift, which types of activities you can perform, and for how long. If they, based off their clinical findings, determine that you CANNOT go back to work, they are required to indicate this and include the same information your supervisor put down in section A.

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Completing form CA-17 can either make or break your case. Please note that you are NOT supposed to let your supervisor glean this report once it has been returned to you from the doctor’s office. There’s so much we haven’t discussed in this post, and due to the unique cases surrounding every personal injury case, we’d like to invite you to give us a call NOW for more information on your legal options for compensation. The call is free, and there’s no obligation to have us take on your case. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.