What Happens During Pre-Trial in Personal Injury Cases?

Hollywood has spoiled the public with riveting legal dramas which have no basis in actuality. Personal injury lawsuits, and civil lawsuits in general can be uneventful, and full of motion filing, depositions, and settlement of cases even before they have the chance to get to trial. Pre-trial is a period in personal injury law where cases are prepared, demands sent and other legal steps taken in order to get the ball rolling. Pre-trial is a vital step when it comes to personal injury law as it lets you know where you stand exactly, and what you stand to gain with regard to compensation, as well as the power and might or lack thereof of the other party, giving you a unique vantage point you can use to effectively and strategically win your personal injury claim.

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Pre-litigation refers to any legal processes that happen prior to the initiation of litigation. During this period, your attorneys will engage in discovery, which is a legal stage where we will gather all the evidence, send out subpoenas and speak with witnesses in order to create a clear picture of what really happened to cause your injuries.

We will also engage the insurance company and file a claim to recover monetary damages. Usually, insurance companies will shoot this down or offer a paltry amount, which will then open the way for negotiations, or take the case to trial.

During pre-trial litigation, we will also craft or write a demand letter that includes:

  • The time, location and date of your accident
  • An aggregate of your injuries
  • The medical procedures you have or will require
  • The damages sustained, via an itemized list
  • Rationale for holding the defendant responsible for your injuries
  • Rationale for asking the insurance company to pay for injuries

Call an Attorney and Learn What is Involved in pre-Trial Personal Injury Actions

Pre-trial litigation duration varies wildly from case to case, as the moving parts are different from one case to the next. Things like the extent of liability, negotiations with the insurance company adjusters, how extensive your injuries are, the damages your are seeking, your chosen law firm, where you are with regard to your injuries healing, as well as the paperwork that is needed to file your claim. Need more information on your personal injury claim and how long it will take to reach a settlement? Call us NOW to learn more. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.