Apology Laws Ineffective for Potential Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical Malpractice

Medical doctors are under immense pressure to do a good job. The training they undergo prepares them for hospital shifts and procedures that would take superhuman strength for the average person to complete. At the same time, they are the victims of medical malpractice lawsuits every other year, something that can negatively impact their self-esteem as healthcare professionals as well as open up a floodgate of similar lawsuits by past patients.

Apology Laws Enacted Countrywide

A few years back, legislators from over 30 states voted to have apology laws put in place to help lessen the growing tide of medical malpractice lawsuits the country was experiencing. Studies at the time showed that the main reason why most people filed these lawsuits was due to sheer anger that a purported medical professional would make such a mistake which could have cost them their lives. It was thought that having doctors apologize to patients for their mistakes would soothe them and make it less likely for them to go the legal route.

An Apology Just Doesn’t Cut It

Well, apparently, that didn’t work, as evidenced by a study which came out late last year, published by legal experts from Vanderbilt University. The study goes on to point out that these apology laws are empirically unfounded, and that patients still took doctors to court in order to have them pay out damages via a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The study looked at 3,517 claims and from a data bank held by an undisclosed information and research company and found that a bit over 2 percent of all doctors face a malpractice suit every year. In addition, over 60 percent of these doctors ended up in court, and of these, 51.4 percent paid the claimant something. From these figures, it can be shown that apology laws don’t have a statistical significance with regard to stemming the number of lawsuits filed by injured patients.

Legal Help for  Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Medical malpractice is a serious issue due to the complications a patient can go on to suffer. In addition, it’s not uncommon for patients to need extra surgeries and treatments to rectify the initial doctor’s mistakes, something which can cost them money they don’t have. In such cases, it makes sense to file a medical malpractice or injury lawsuit in order to recover maximum compensation to help take care of these bills as well as compensate you for the emotional pain and anguish as well as reduced quality of life you may have to endure going forward.

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