Medical Malpractice claim against Roseland hospital and surgeon

Recent Cases

Alleged medical malpractice lead to the death of a 41 year old Chicago woman. McCready Law were retained by the mother and sister of a woman who died while at Roseland Hospital. Our client went in for removal of gall stones after complaining of abdominal pain. According to medical personnel, everything went fine for the surgery, but our client complained of excruciating pain after the surgery, even while receiving high doses of pain medication. After three days, the hospital takes a CT Scan which shows fluid in her abdominal cavity. Our client is rushed to surgery where the doctor realizes that the large intestine was cut during the gall stone procedure. Not only should this not have happened, the hospital should have realized there was a problem and ordered tests well before three days. Unfortunately for our client, it was too late to save her and she passed. This case is a glaring example of medical negligence on behalf of both the surgeon as well as the hospital staff for failing to monitor our client. Look for this case to be reported in the future when we reach a successful result for our client.