Emergency Room Lawsuits – What You Must Know

It is estimated that 140 million seek help from Emergency Rooms across the country when faced with a medical crisis. While these facilities were originally meant to treat life and death medical crises, they have increasingly been used by individuals looking for all manner of medical help, from cuts and bleeding, to broken fingers and smoke inhalation. Suing an emergency room for malpractice usually comes about when individuals waiting for treatment are passed over due to doctors not paying attention and delegating, or hospital administration understaffing or not training healthcare professionals to a certain level that is typically seen in other emergency rooms, or engaging in other acts of negligence we’ll cover later in this post. Medical malpractice that involves emergency rooms can be complex, and as such, the services of an experienced emergency room lawsuits attorney must be sought in order to ensure your justice and compensation.

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 Lawsuits that involve emergency room errors must have the following requirements in order to be valid:

  • There must be a doctor-patient relationship
  • There must be provable evidence that emergency room negligence occurred
  • You as the patient were harmed by said negligence.

Emergency Room Malpractice – What You Must Prove

It is typically agreed or understood that a doctor-patient relationship is established when you are examined by a doctor in an emergency room, or receive treatment from the physician. For this, we’ll need to show that the relationship did indeed exist as evidenced by patient admittance records as well as treatment charts.

Doctors are held to a certain standard of care that they must adhere to as they provide services to the public. Should they breach this standard of care, they will be held accountable via emergency room legal negligence as long as an expert can show that any other doctor in the same medical circumstance would have acted in a different manner that is in line with standard of care.

Who Is Responsible for Negligence in Emergency Room Lawsuits?

The legal aspect of “respondeat superior” which, loosely translated, means that employers must answer for any negligent actions of employees, as long as said employees were salaried individuals at the institution at the time that the negligence occurred. As such, one can file an emergency room lawsuit for damages not limited to medical expenses, cost of future and present medical bills, pain and suffering, legal fees, punitive damages and so much more.

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