Failure to Diagnose a Stroke Lawsuits

Medical Malpractice

It’s estimated that strokes affect over 500,000 Americans each year. Strokes are debilitating and can turn lethal if not treated in a timely manner. In addition, suffering one stroke may put you at risk of suffering yet another one which may be fatal. Therefore, timely diagnosis and treatment is critical. Strokes happen when there is a bleed out in any of the vessels carrying blood to or from the brain, or when a blood clot closes a blood vessel to get clogged up, impeding oxygen flow to other areas of the brain. Failure to diagnose a stroke is a common medical malpractice claim, and dozens, if not hundreds of patients get the short end of the stick in this serious health event in numerous hospitals on a yearly basis.

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Stroke Causes

There are over three million Americans who currently live with the fallout of a stroke. High blood pressure is one of the culprits that cause stroke due to the condition’s potential to lead to blood vessel rupture. In addition, poor lifestyle and diet choices both conspire to cause stroke in Americans, and small changes such as reducing one’s stress levels as well as incorporating anti-inflammatory foods can help. Most stroke victims usually first have what’s called a mini stroke, or a transient ischemic attack. This is seen as a sign that a stroke may soon follow. About a third of individuals who suffer a TIA later suffer a full-blown stroke.

TIA Treatment

TIA’s are usually caused by the stoppage of blood flow to an area of the brain due to a blood clot blocking it in an artery. Individuals suffering a TIA may notice blurred vision, behavioral changes, weakness on one side of their body as well as slurred speech. These symptoms usually persist for about 20 minutes as blood flow resumes. It is important that a TIA be treated as an emergency by way of a doctor performing a CT scan to determine if there was any bleeding that occurred during the event. In addition, doctors typically treat a TIA by administering or prescribing blot busting agents or via surgery to reopen an artery that has narrowed.

Stroke Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Should a doctor fail to diagnose or treat a stroke, a patient may go on to suffer a potentially fatal stroke, experience paralysis, memory loss, have problems swallowing or speaking, or may suffer severe brain injury. In addition, they may experience cognitive problems, behavioral changes as well as depression. Doctors owe you a duty of care to ensure that they carry out complete diagnostic tests to determine the extent of the stroke as well as the likelihood of suffering another one in the future. Failure to do so will be construed as the doctor not having provided adequate care. Some of the ways a doctor can be charged with medical misdiagnosis includes failing to check your medical history, not prescribing medications to resolve the TIA, misinterpreting test results, or treating you for another condition that’s not the stroke.

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