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It’s shocking to even consider it, but sexual assault and abuse can happen in the very places that are supposed to be safe havens and centers of treatment for the injured or unwell. Cases of sexual assault go unreported in hospitals for a myriad of reasons, and sometimes, they happen when the patient is not fully conscious, making it seem as if reporting the assault may lead to people not believing the victim. As top hospital abuse lawyers, we’d like to encourage you, as a victim, not to perpetuate the culture of silence around this taboo topic since doing so may put hundreds of other would-be victims at risk.

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Some of the reasons why sexual assault hospital cases go unreported include:

  • The victim being intimidated with dire consequences by the perpetrator
  • Not realizing that the assault even took place in the first place
  • Victim may think that no-one will believe what they have to say
  • Victim may simply not know the proper reporting procedure
  • Victim may be worried about the undue attention and stress

Here are some of the instances that can be construed as sexual abuse or assault:

  • Making overtly sexual comments or gestures
  • Touching a patient’s intimate areas that are not related to the medical exam or treatment
  • Failure by the doctor to provide a gown or asking the patient to undress in front of them
  • Rape that happens while the patient is sedated

Most Common Areas That Experience Sexual Assault in Hospitals

Sexual assault or abuse can happen in any part of a hospital. This can be in areas such as the orthopedic wing, the pediatric wing, and even, or especially, the psychiatric ward. This is because hospital staff may see individuals being treated for and suffering with mental health issues as easy targets whom nobody will believe on account of their mental state, or due to their impaired mental faculties that may make it next to impossible for them to recount or even report the assault.

Medical professionals are considered mandatory reporters. This means that they are legally and medically required to report instances of suspected sexual assault of patients within a hospital setting, failure to which they can face civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Legal Consequences for Sexual Assault in Hospitals

Sexual assault at a hospital is a crime punishable by imprisonment, probation and other forms of punishment that the Judge sees fit. That said, civil charges can be brought forth in order to compensate the victim for any emotional pain and suffering they underwent as well as the cost of treatment after the event. It is important to hold perpetrators accountable simply due to the fact that individuals who carry out such acts are more often than not repeat offenders with a checkered past who will continue to victimize others until they are stopped.

 Hospital Sexual Assault Lawyers

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